The Nature of the Beast

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The desensitization of moral and ethics I believe is part of the beast as well as a person. People becoming a little colder a little meaner and having more of a temper overlooking morals.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



The Nature of the Beast

A man waiting in the shadows for the right time to strike like viper waiting for its prey.

A mark on the hand or forehead it is said to buy, sell or trade so it is said.

But also a mark in your mind a way of thought that may not have a chance to change.

A break down of morals and ethics without a care.

People searching for instant sexual self gratifications with a click of a button without a care on the internet.

A thought of meeting someone face to face is never thought of and love is just another word of the past.

People getting younger and younger with an itchy trigger finger ready to prove themselves not caring a thing about the life they take.

What a mistake.

People in need of a helping hand are ignored and made fun of where has the love gone?

Handicapped people made fun of without a care; making them live their own hell on earth can’t people see what they do?

Their moral and ethical eyes are shut they are but spiritually blind.  

Many becoming a little less humane towards other people.

Money is the main god of choice.

And the Great Creator is a memory to those with the mark in the minds eye, stop dig deep in your memory before it’s to late remember the most important to you all is God and Family being as one.  
God’s Family.  Peace, Love, and Harmony.  Nos482 07-29-08

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