To De-humanize is wrong ?

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This one has lingered with me for a while about how people down others and then attack. Right and Wrong of the subject. How does God feel about this? In the end what matters most winning or what's right? This happened to me just recently because of where I live in a trailer park. They look at me as a lower person but the important part is God doesn't look badly at me he is my armor, my shield, and my sword. I take the negative and turn it around and make it a positive. The person that tried to down me is always negative and tries to bring others down to make themselves feel better. I call some chi-leaches.

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



To De-humanize

The vulgar words of hatred and lies spew from their mouth.

Like an ill stomach that couldn’t hold anymore.

Their tongue lashes out like a razor cutting paper with their slurs of profanity and hatred.

Without a care for the broken spirit and soul that they leave by the wayside.

As they de-humanize their opponent of the attack.

No matter what size the battle is from just a meeting in a hall or to a war somewhere in the world.

To de-humanize in order to rationalize and justify the attack on their opponent.

But that little voice inside your head tells you how wrong you are.

But the inner voice turns from a loud voice to a whisper as you become jaded with your conscience.

Go on and break another spirit of someone for fun or to conquer another opponent in another war.

From getting a job over another more deserving worker or to war and genocide first de-humanize then attack.

From all the wars throughout time to the trail of tears and many more around the world like it, wars big or small to de-humanize takes place first after all.

Why do we do the things we do?

When we should listen

to that inner voice our conscience?

And in the end was it worth all the bad that was done.

Who does it serve best in the end and in the next life?

God or the Devil?

I Choose God.

God is my armor that deflects the attacks off of me no matter how hard they try.

By nos482 12/30/08

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