Yin and Yang of life

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Poetry of night vs. day

Submitted: November 11, 2014

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Submitted: November 11, 2014



Yin without Yang

Love without, hate.
Hate without, Love.

Happy without, Sad.
Sad without, happy.

Kind without, selfishness.
Selfish without, kind.

Calm without, the storm.
Storm without, the calm.

Peace without, war.
War without, peace.

Virtue without, immoral.
Immoral without, virtue.

Life without, death.
Death without, life.

Physical without, spiritual.
Spiritual without, physical.

Honor without, dishonor.
Dishonor without, honor.

Fantescy without, reality.
Reality without, Fantesy.

Friends without, enemies.
Enemies without, friends.

Dreams without, nightmares.
Nightmares without, dreams.

Voice without, sound.
Sound without, voice.

Words without, music.
Music without, words.

Creative without, non-creative.
Non-creative without, creative.

Care without, careless.
Careless without, care.

God without, godless.
Godless without, God.

Full without, hunger.
Hunger without, full.

Humane without, inhumane.
Inhumane without, Humane.

Day without, night.
Night without, day.

By nosforotu poet (Dan Spratt) 12/23/2011)=)[ )

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