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Originally written for a Vampire challenge.

Submitted: July 01, 2008

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Submitted: July 01, 2008




I still can’t figure out why a cemetery, and why so late at night? Of course after meeting her last night in the pub I’d have probably met her anywhere. Every time she looked at me I broke out in a sweat.

I never really liked the Goth look, but her and her little friends looked like something out of a sexy vamp movie. You know the ones… where they were half sex kitten half demon… kinda hot really.

It was funny though, my blood chilled with her approach at the bar last night… I was almost scared of her. How funny that…

Suddenly I see her walking through the ornate wrought iron gates, “Hey Kat, over here.”

“She’s gonna think I’m a complete klutz if I don’t stop tripping over tomb stones.” I say to myself laughing as I walk to meet her.

“It’s such a beautiful night don’t you think?” she asks in that otherworldly accent as she comes closer.

“It certainly is now!” oh I can’t believe I said something so corny… what an idiot.

Then that laugh… a rich feminine alto that seems to wash over me… nothing short of intoxicating.

But it is a beautiful night… a full moon that shines so bright I can see her every feature in bright relief, stars hanging in the sky looking like twinkling diamonds, and a soft breeze that seems to caress her hair as she stops in front of me.

As she reaches out her hand to me she says, “Walk among the dead with me.”

I start a little… her hand and her choice of words causing me to shiver, but then how can I refuse her?

I ask her as we begin to stroll among the varied headstones, “Kat… is that short for something else?”

She answers in that voice that’s almost musical, “Katarina is my given name though I like my friends to call me Kat.”

I can’t help but notice that her clothing is not exactly extensive and it is getting cool for this time of year. “Kat, aren’t you a little cold? You’re welcome to wear my jacket if you like.”

Again she laughs, “I will be warm soon enough,” she purrs in return.

Quite unexpectedly she stops and in a voice that’s almost a growl she says, “Have you ever made love in a cemetery?”

My mind leaps, “Okay… do I have condoms? Am I really about to get this lucky?”

“No I haven’t…” I say and then trying to be clever, “is that an invitation or just a question?”

As if in reply she slowly unbuttons the three buttons holding the red and black sleeveless vest closed and reveals the black lace bra underneath.

I barely notice the immediate change from that first shivered touch to a state that can only be described as fevered.

I walk eagerly into her arms and it’s as though my mind has lost all control. My hands are heatedly searching under her bra to fondle her, and our lips find each other. Her hands reach inside my jeans and she begins pulling and teasing.

My hands wander lower and I find she’s wearing nothing underneath the short black leather skirt and I begin stroking her, probing with fingers for warmth and moisture.

She’s leading me to the ground, and I realize I’m draped across the top of a ground level sarcophagus, but I could care less. She opens my jeans fully and exposes me to the night air and without ceremony mounts me forcefully. She looks in my eyes with a smile and winks.

I can’t even think as she languidly stretches her body across mine, moving rhythmically. I begin to match my movements with hers and she whispers in my ear, “Just lie still, let me!”

The pace of our breathing begins to increase, and she’s licking the rim of my ear her breath against my ear driving me crazy. Her mouth wanders from my ear to my neck, and she begins to suck and moan. Her hips are rocking faster now, and I know I’m close. She nibbles my neck sharply and pulls away, her back arching as she rocks back and forth. The moon strikes her snow white face and I see a dark liquid running from the corner of her mouth. It makes no sense my mind is reeling.

She begins panting writhing in ecstasy, and I can’t wait any longer. She groans as she lays back over me, but as I look into her face something is wrong. That beautiful face has taken on a feral almost animal look.

“This is wrong!” I say as I desperately try to disentangle myself from her embrace. But, she’s strong… unnaturally strong!

In mid release pain shoots into my neck as she grinds her pelvis into mine. My mind screams to stop, but my body thrusts to meet her grinding into her uncontrollably.

I lay my head back pleasure and pain washing over me, and in the glow of the moon I see the name on the head of the sarcophagus….


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