Psycho telekinesis

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: October 29, 2018

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Submitted: October 29, 2018



I think he’s my type, but I don’t have a type
I’m already in too deep
he’s my type
Maybe I should say some shit casually

I wasn’t prepared
but a JUST DO IT ad-break took over
So I kick past, flicking my head

I coolly said ‘Sup

A part of me knew something crazy would happen and it wouldn’t be a cool time to introduce myself
but I didn’t have a clue really let alone any real inkling towards the calibre of the crazy scale of events I’d be dealing with

I was kinda full of static electricity
and he beat me to the punch of saying something weird by acknowledging me and then trailing off
to continue this epic fable that he’d been telling his friend
he stood there and said to us,

I met my demon on a harsh stormy winter day, it was late in the afternoon
I pissed out a live bioorganic silver dragonfly

It slid out the end of my dick and its mechanical wings unfurled
it was whirring and clicking, unfolding and transforming, its great silvery beautiful wings were glistening and dripping with blood and crisp alien hyperreal surgical steel
it was indescribably painful
and the alien mechanical dragonfly was carrying a little mechanically-matching totally colour-coordinated machine gun

the machine gun was full of sorcery and it unpacked all kinds of kinda indescribable
huge-in-comparison-to-the-size-of-the-gun ethereal red flags when the dragonfly pulled the trigger
piu-piu, red flags shot out the gun and rolled down really fast and for a really long time
notes were written on the flags
delivering some ultra ultra ultra crazy insights

The first flag note received was inscribed with the words
Congratulations, You Came From Hell

Then some real crazy shit started happening
the dragonfly kept shooting him secret red flags and said he would be the most powerful wizard in all of the land
Then he continued on to tell us that the dragonfly plagued on him
it clicked and crawled its way out his shaft excruciatingly slowly
and at a very late time
each and every single night
It whispered deliciously mechanical sweet nothings to him, schooling him, slipping him notes
journeying through many mind mazes and ins and outs of the mental mind jungles
and lower dimensional hell-like-realms

each and every single day he became stronger and more powerful

the wizard and the mechanical dragonfly journeyed and travelled, passing through the no-go-gates all the way together until they eventually got to meet sweet Satan himself
and then he went on to tell me
they’d had a big night together when they were introduced
the next day him and Satan woke up together and he couldn’t even make eye contact with him. His face was redder than the devils dick

This was my ultra favourite thing I’d ever ever heard in all of my time
I couldn’t believe it, it was really quite unbelievable, extraordinary, troubling and traumatic

and then he reached out, touched my forehead and gave me an instant download of the last fortnight

a whole life flashed before my eyes, like pages blowing off a calender, a great and heavy calm came down and settled in as he shimmered his life in to mine with a force like a rippling bubble

this rippling bubble was viewable like a mind operated computer screen
I was scrolling through rapidly taking in scenes and scenes of the most colourful moments in lifes history
the peak moments of human emotion and the squeaky cleanest life history in history

the whole life flashed before my eyes
like every moment of my life was lived was before me just not by me

The lenses of my eyes turned to shattered glass and I could see through each lens individually
I caught the dragonfly and Satan smiling over his shoulder and I winked a thousand winks, which made Satan blush  
and I understood the kaleidoscopic frenetic philosophical flummeries that frenzied around in the air
it was flinging blinding visions in white it was filigreed sublime infomercial gold cataclysmic magic it was carnage it was disgustingly beautiful, explosive nightmare city

and then he coolly walks away from me, but not that far
I’m watching him, he’s the most powerful wizard in all of the land
that's for sure

he’s standing three metres away from the table and he just reaches out towards it
a beer gently floats up in to the air breezing over to his outstretched hand, carried on an invisible string

it was the most absolutely astounding, totally surprising
completely awestrickenly-blinding display of psycho telekinesis
that I’d ever seen in my whole entire life

then more beers were levitating towards glinting outstretched glistening hands
gently raining down upon us
I couldn’t believe all the magic that I’d just heard and witnessed

I yelled out to this most captivating wizard in all of the land,
Holy Shit Baby, if I told you that you had a beautiful space-time continuum, would you fold it against me?

I’d just been given a free ticket to go on the ultra ultra fast rocket to nowhere town
and people fully noticed my jaw hitting the floor and rolling around really fast

who the hell are these people? where did they come from? sweet jesus there was a hell of a lot of them for 4.30 on a Sunday morning
this was some seriously awesome Hunter S Thompson shit

I went and waved my hands around a bit to test for some kind of secret hidden strings 
expose the joke they were having behind my back, pull back the invisible curtain foreskin of life
running reality checks for the invisible puppeteer

I instantly know I’m gonna regret flailing around like the drowning windmill
my imposter syndrome is kicking back in, I probably shouldn’t have hyperimposed up on this total freakin magic-shit show

I'm still watching the most Powerful Wizard in all of the land who pissed out the silver dragonfly
he coolly walks further away, but not that far, I’m still watching him closely when he vanishes completely
disappearing, winking out seamlessly,
with less of a trace, but just as much finality
as a stone being dropped in to the sea

now I aint a Cinderella at my best, but I never rocked it with the wicked witches from the west

I couldn’t believe this crazy shit I just heard and witnessed and the image of the silver dragonfly coming out of the Most Powerful Wizards dick
which was an amazing mental picture mind you
as he told me the story my imagination had bought up the scene vividly like watching a movie with a memory and voiceover
it was the best thing I’d ever witnessed and I don’t know why but the sexiest thing I’d dreamt up in my life

I mean this most powerful wizard in all of the land was a super uber dooper mega babe
he was like 10 foot tall and made out of steel beams he was like Optimus Prime and I pictured him rock hard turning hulk colours
with the dragonfly bulging and slowly slipping out cruelly like an epic scene out of a sci-fi movie
I turned the other way and I smiled

I think it’s time I make my way home again

© Copyright 2020 Not for Everyone. All rights reserved.

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