Space roads

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: November 11, 2018

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Submitted: November 11, 2018



we plowed through hyperspace like scubadivers
background life blurred by my obscured tunnel vision helmet
it was always a little scary to come streaming in to these busy spaceroads with the blinders to protect from the oncoming traffic and all the horrific shit you go passing by windshield wipers erratically failing with no peripheral vision

half watching the sea of smudged crafts and energies whistling past around us there's a lot to take in through the comet smashing visor
the driver is rippin all the ships shades down in a frenzy and glancing at the side mirrors which I like to call the rear-view-mision
having quick regressions and Strange Behaviour is reflecting back in every blurred featureless reflection skimming down the hall of fame ya sure don't wanna focus directly on any of that without goggles on honey it's hotter than the sun those blinding plasma rays burn in to ya retinas yeah it's pissing me off I wriggle and smack my visor it's already broken all of my chakras

get the fuck outta my head what the fuck is wrong with me
there's troubles and problems brewin with all the hi-tech gadgets
windshield and recognition software it’s from breaking apart slowly
the background becomes censored out beaming crepascular rays blistering open pockets of laser beams and zoom vision malfunctioning it's difficult to focus on the surface it’s got me feeling kinda beaten down my life goes down up in the corner of the screen of my visor I'm watching it all go down on live breakfast TV they've already stolen my memories and are throwing in advertisement breaks and the host is cracking increasingly rude jokes at my expense

my personal representative tending to the wheel driving like a bloody maniac is ignoring us plummeting down the spacehole to death rabbiting on about fukoshima radiated eels and satanic ritual abuse and Trump this Trump that of all things as she barely steered the vehicle and kept looking back at me to yell and flick her cigarette erratically
slamming the windshield wipers on now and then
kicking off bits of space debris only once they’d gathered really densely
and it was a little terrifying plummeting along with her like that
she occasionally yelled out things at me like WHY ARE THERE CORNCHIPS IN THE ASHTRAY?
You’ve got chronological digests of psychological issues babay

I was finding it hard to hear her with the wind from all the microcracks that were blistering in blowing in petrichor reeking scent of planetary collapse ultimate demise we plummeted and she flipped me out totally over-stepping boundaries yelling back at me HEY GIRL
you're completely hyper unaware of your surroundings back there you're tripping out on your software malfunction like you spent months in a box and ya going under for a MK Ultra Mind Control experiment HA HA
I said shut-up I'm doing surprisingly well thankyou well up until now

She replied nah you already died you've died sooo many multiple times you're currently laying in hospital beds and morgues all over town and you just slip in to a parallel dimension where you don't remember and keep on living and you've never woken up you're just imagining the rest of your life coma girl the universe is a sick cosmic joke can't you hear all that cosmic giggle sneering at you quietly and all that deep concern and deep discern
lost in the mind jungle solitary confinement over there HA HA a tee heee
it’s time for another killer episode on this and that from your lamest celebrity

The sneaky driver started to whisper about me rather then yell at me because she was lovin having a great time at my expense swooping in she was pulling the smoothest bitch operation-sting imaginable as we came crashing down that I just glossed over in my head mind you because my malfunctioning visor shielding me from the plasma rays stealing my memories I have to deny it how rude I thought to myself as I barrell in to my ultimate death helplessly pathetic piece of tinsel trash you’re just fucked in the head you’re a fockin idiot

I didn't really want to go out that way and you would think it's a shame for a lady of my extraordinary calibre to go out that way it was the worst coincidence that I had important shit to do today and it’s been millions of fockin eons since it’s spouted geysers upon tsunamis of space debris and then its suddenly pouring away just to make this journey even more dangerous like it suddenly dawned on you it creeps up on you that you got out here too late you might not make it out the other side of hyper-reality watching life going down in the corner on live Breakfast TV without being able to register it all until it was over

say goodbye to all that pointless decision making and planning and pointless implementing that you’re all still scurrying around wasting your lives doing all that pointless hoping and planning and ruminating
the driver has derailed us completely from the spacecarpet and we go flying off down like a trainwreck in a collision tearing the craft wide open, the cosmic tradewinds cruelly breaking apart every every piece of skin off your torso

with the decomposition alchemy we ripple off in to a shimmering bubble and I become a complete caricature of myself as I'm dying I'm thinking well after all everything withers and dies stuck watching yourself die slowly over in this slow and painful series of moments and memories endless mini deaths on live Breakfast TV

smashing my helmet as I bounce around the collision that seems neverending the driver yells at me repeatedly that it's all my fault because I can’t handle my own emotions
it's a little unfair I'm having heaps of first-world celebrity problems like oh my god I’m becoming see-through all I can feel is EYES and she yells at me YOU BLIND BITCH that’s the one thing you don’t fucking have now
you're on a high speed collision tearing down in flames you've exploded in to particles and you probably just did yourself a favour there without your consent you sneaky little fucked up bitch you've got psychological problems
you just spend all day trying to focus and never fucking achieving anything other than the total hyperfuck of your day and your weeks your years anyway you pathetic piece of fucking tinsel trash
you’ll need to stay in rehabilitation after this one won’t ya

you obviously need a fucking therapist
suffering the whole way down from your memory and your imagination dying alone but surrounded by many you shapeshifter take a look at yourself you paradoxical anxiety-blockout piece of fucking tinsel trash really because shapeshifting isn't gonna help you now is it

I asked myself, where is my therapist?
Then I guessed that they were stuck under a desk in a dark room in their disturbingly roach infested reeking alleged sanctuary of a home shaking their modern-day shaman rattle “Coins in a tin, by MatteL” loudly to self-soothe themselves on repeat internally screaming but going about their business as happy as larry because nobody really knows anything 

everyone is busy being intellectually dishonest with eachother living vicariously through each other and out of every single person on this fucked up godforsaken planet, nobody really knows what the fuck we are doing here, none of us, not a single fucking one

every moment is an endless series of mini deaths of sliding doors from which you disappear from one reality and seamlessly shift on in to the next
a timely end to the version 6.0 SAD home girl on girl sandwich tour
my visor malfunctions away but luckily a team of beautiful shadowy figures begin to guide me with their shaking Coins in a tin by Mattel shaman rattles they're cheering me carrying me on their shoulders voices chanting guiding me steering me motivating me and for a moment I don’t even mind my driver yelling at me that I’m a total fucking highway collision because you know what, I need to hear it
I'm shapeshifting rippling through my visor with my kaleidoscopic dithering locked in its grid of completion to shimmer me up and ripple me up in numbers and solve my DNA sequence perfectly like a 10 sided RubiX cube

Personally I think the driver was the highway collision waiting to happen
she’s the one who thought she’s doin a favour by helping out
I wish you weren't doing this without my consent but maybe it's for the greater uber utilitarian ubermensch goodness of all things she yells back again
She yelled at me again and again and it was obvious that she thought I was a fucking retard which at this point was understandable, given me frozen in the backseat in terror gaping lantern jawed wide eyed frozen blueberry

I yell back WHY WHY and she grabs my hand and slaps it across my face WHOOPSY OH YOU POOR SWEET CHILD she yells back at me with deep concern and deep discern 
WHY is not the real question!! The real question is, WHAT? WHAT? WHAT
What?  What!! I yelled back

WHAT is the question, not WHY!
WHAT.  What is this TEACHING YOU ?

I knock on the side of my helmet, I let myself crash and burn in space
she yelled at me WHAT WHAT as I sighed out loud passively and we spiraled down
YOU DONT HAVE TO SUFFER CONTINUAL CHAOS IN ORDER TO GROW I’m swatting at my helmet saying this is NOT what I wanted as she yells at me SHIT I DID you a favour you dumb asstronaut ass-face alice so WHAT as she pulled my arms away THIS IS IT BABAY the last time it hurts
settle down there babay

I plummet again towards my untimely death watching it go in the corner of the visors screen on the funniest pathetic episode of live Breakfast TV my life is lived before me going down fast right now on this broken barrel of bolts they've stolen my memories
I wish I could take the driver down but that’s so done for cuz I’ll be done for in the end
I won't get this ship out of this crazy shithole in the sky
you never live so fully as when you begin to gamble with your own life and you realise you're in too deep and you’re not prepared to do that so you shut down and sit there in the backseat instead helpless to move as only then there is no spirit guide or teacher higher than you and no philosophy is higher than ya self destructing like this right now after all this time and after everything we’ve been through

I sit back horrified in a blurring quiet streaming drumming echo of a heartbeat of a dream lights smash and gadgets implode left and right in the spaceship and whoopsy it’s got me grasping out for help can we please make this death and rebirth more sudden and accept its great grand ultimate decision I wasn’t quite ready for this slow death and headfuck you'd get self destruct this ship just fucking implode on me now get it over with and disappear

staring at the blissful sun on my way down again sitting back in a slackjawed trance straight down to nowheretown
the easiest way out of this barrel of bolts my visor glitches one last time
we reallly didn't mean for this to happen like this darling let's self destruct destroy you right now the easy death shimmering hulk colours around you now burning up

crystal clean light energy streams out of me, yellow, golden, touching the green surrounding me and together we turn the most spectacular brilliant plasma blue
whoopsy we really didn't mean for this to happen the air is filled with the crackle of electricity
I die quickly and slowly in an endless series of mini deaths

© Copyright 2020 Not for Everyone. All rights reserved.

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