Starless night

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Submitted: December 20, 2018

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Submitted: December 20, 2018



I probed the darkness
illuminated by the flickering light of a small candle
it seemed like I’d been lost in this place forever
the database of the 5th dimension

winding through the dark room
never finding salvation
it was a neverending maze

surrounded by mirrors
back to back we all face each other
each mirror I’d smashed
in a rage of purification
sensory deprivation
I was reflected back at myself in multiple pieces
an infinite tunnel
I gazed in to the infinity, and the infinity gazed back a million times and winked at me
it made my third eye cry

my aura was a palpable hanging thing
it followed me in the shadows, constantly shifting
cloaking me bathing me in my eyes light 
reality itself warped around me
the earth my only silent witness
creatures refracted through the shattered lens all come in close to gaze in to the shards of mirror
the dark the light everything in between is the infinite illusion
the cosmic delusion
I didn’t recognize the shards of the strangers staring back
in the psychic torture chamber
the eyes were completely black
nothing but complete darkness
just soulless orbs
like two great swathes of starless night

What are you?

What am I, but your reflection?

she’d flicker away and soon I would reappear
and the colour would slowly return to my cheeks
every morning I woke up in my room to wipe childsize handprints off the glass

how could this be real?
it didn’t really matter
it is what it is
when I saw her we would try to touch hands
I wanted to reach through the glass to pull her in to my world
each morning I laid my breakfast out before the glass and I let it sit
so the mirror-girl inside could be the first to eat the reflection

we asked each other, are we born out of madness?
are we evil made flesh?

No, we replied

Why are you here?

I don’t know

all the things in our universe are intimately and deeply connected
the world and all its inhabitants are all linked
like a body and its cells
one morning I woke up, but the mirror reflection was still sleeping
she wasn’t waking up
cold and weak she'd laughed at death and threw off her bag of flesh

I knocked and I knocked and my fist glowed
eyes all open
without a blink

I looked in to my glass of water, and staring back at me was her face
taking a sip, I drank her quickly
knocking on the glass again
this time, I reached my hand outwards through the mirrror
through the within
it was cold and white alabaster ice
I grabbed her hand and I tried to pull her in to my world
I was shocked back in to my side of the mirror when she woke up
choking silently to breathe
so again I lay my breakky out before the glass for her and let it sit
so the mirror-girls inside could be the first to eat the reflection

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