The Truth About Walking Away

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Love has to come from both sides. It's just not going to work when one loves more than the other.

Submitted: October 15, 2008

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Submitted: October 15, 2008



Have you ever wondered: Is there a moment where two people meet and fall in love? Is there a moment where they can either catch fire or turn their hands and walk away?

I believed there was. I enjoyed the stupidity and the infatuation that came along with the feeling that I have been waiting for all my life. I forgot everything around me and loved; until that was all there was.

He had brought it to an end. Claiming he wasn't ready for this, claiming he disliked our connection in every way. He could've just hit me in the face, he could've just called me names for no reason at all; but no...he had to tell the truth.

The truth was hurting. And ironically, I found myself expecting it somehow. I found myself standing in the large livingroom, only slightly lightened, thinking about the fool I sure was. I believed in him, believed in his love. “You can't imagine how much I want to love you.” He had told me. And none of this was lied, that was what he showed my when he walked away.

From me. I silently watched his footsteps echo away in the darkness of the night. His eyes struggling to hold back the tears. But this was for the best, I kept telling myself. I have loved him and I had paid the price. Little did I know how much it hurt him.

He had only spoken a few words, after I found out that we had reached that point in our relationship where we couldn't live a lie anymore. We had to be completely honest to each other, if we wanted our happiness to be guaranteed. And his happiness was clearly not with me.

So there I stood. Frozen. Staring to nothing in particular. Not knowing how I felt. So, I questioned myself again. Is there a moment where two people can catch fire or turn their heads and walk away?

I believed there was. Me and Jeremy, we had done both.

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