There's Just Life

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Just a spill of my own thoughts about the positivity of life.

"Most of life is like a series of images, they pass us by like towns on a highway. But every once in a while a moment stuns us, and we know that in us that moment will live on forever."

Yes, it's perfectly and completely, 100% cheesey. I'm aware, but it made me realize why I like the show it's from so much. There's occasionally this perfect moment where a few people, or everyone, will put aside everything horrible, and just allow themselves to be so happy in that single moment and in love, isolate themselvesfrom everything else that takes place, the reality of the misery of true, burdening life. Not to even be in love with a person or thing, but simply full of it.

There's moments like that in my own life recently, where just sitting with your best friends in a beautiful landscape or something of the like, fills you with so much passion for living. When you're young, those are the moments that stun you, as this character said. Until I get senile, and hopefully not even then, those moments are going to be what makes me feel like I lived. They don't leave you.

It's that time I went night swimming with my best friend in the ocean and realized every star in the sky was out. The time I sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with a few new friends and watched the 4th of July fireworks, and more than that, I remember how I could actually feel the fireworks explode in my chest , and the time I sat in the pouring rain at a music festival with my best friendsand watched a band play an acoustic song to 10,000 people, silent for once.

Pain and heartache and all the things that turned me into a miserable pessimist are no stranger to me, but these are the moments that turned me into the person that decided they wanted to live, if only for those rare moments. You'll feel alive, you'll feel passion and so filled with love for the people standing next to you. Decide who you want in your life, and get out and make these moments with the people that fill you with love the most, and realize at the same time how small you are next to the overpowering forces that ultimately govern our lives.

This quote reminds me of how lucky I am to share moments like that, with people like that, since I haven't always had it. The people in the show remind me of myself a lot of the time, and it makes me so happy that I'm living like that. Life isn't about being happy, it's about experiencing as much as you can, absorb every feeling, emotion, experience you can before your time is up. What else is there but to live?

If you're happy, make that happiness into something even more beautiful. If you're angry, show it, express it and feel yourself hate once in a while. Let yourself be filled with rage or passion, or sadness. If you must be sad, feel the pain in every part of your body and let it fill you completely. Don't fight grief, or pain, remember the hurt and know that it will be one of the times you feel most alive. A negative emotion like grief, or a positive emotion like wonder, each is powerful in its own way, and each will give youa surge of emotion that will definitively allow you to say you have lived. It is better to have agonizing moments of unbearable pain than it is to live a "whatever" life, live and die with no impact on anything, having been changed by nothing.

Life is not horrible or beautiful and there is no fair, and no explanations for anything, no matter how unreasonable or unbelievable or unnatural. There is simply life, and do with it what will give you satisfaction and peace on your deathbed, because when you die, you are confronted with your life and experiences, and only that. There is nothing else.

Submitted: August 21, 2008

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this is great, i like it. The second and third stanzas i can definately relate to. i live for the moments that seem so uch more full of life. mine was the rooftop of an abandoned house, we all sat up there late at night, quietly watching the city of tacoma light up, passing around a j. i think its been fenced off now. time keeps moving passed us. great writing:)

Mon, August 25th, 2008 4:13am


I was hoping people would relate to the feeling and the type of memory I'm talking about. Most of the stuff I write is a little more depressing, so I like this one cause it's more positive.
That memory sounds great, I'm glad you liked it!

Mon, August 25th, 2008 7:16am

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