British Boy Tim

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Lindsay is so nervous going to a party, where everyone is older than her and she only knows one person. She finds comfort in a shy, funny British guy. He is nice and easy to talk to, but will she ever see him again? This is an entry for "It's a romantical picture contest.

Submitted: August 10, 2011

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Submitted: August 10, 2011





British Boy Tim

    I was nervous to go to the party. I'm only 16 and I'm going to a birthday party for a 23 year old with my sister, Marcy. We brought the pizza. 

I wad wearing black, jean shorts and a multicolored shirt. I 
left my blonde hair down. We walked in and my sister introduced me as " My little sister, Lindsay."

We walked over to the bonfire pit he had in his backyard. They were have a discussion about Harry Potter.

  "the movies were nothing like the books," a guy with a British accent complained. 

  He was wearing an orange Reese’s peanut butter cup shirt with jeans. He had brown hair and blue eyes.

"Yeah, the movie didn't show how Neville becomes the herbology teacher," I say 

  "finally, some who's read the bloody books." British dude said. 

  I followed my sister to talk with one of her friends. During the conversation I find out the British guy's name is Tim. 

  I put on my bathing suit, a two piece zebra print bikini. I played Marco polo with the guys, but I was sad that Tim didn't play. 

  Some dude with flip style hair flirted with me.

  I got out of the pool and wrapped myself in a towel. I sat down next to Tim by the fire. He was talking about how he doesn't look his age.

  "How old do you think I am?" he asked me.



"24?"  He shook his head

"19, was the closest." he told me.

"18?" he shook his head "20?" another shake. "21?" 

"finally, yes I'm 21." he said.  "oh and I didn't get your name?"

"It’s Lindsay. And you're Tim right?" I said.

“yes, so what grade are you in?" Tim asked smiling

I said, "I'm a junior." he's smile fell a bit.

"What high school?"

"I go to Peterson's high."

"Cool," he said and stood up. He looked down and said, "What am I stepping on?"

I looked down and saw he was standing on boxers. "Those are marvel boxers."

Tim picks them up and said, "Whose marvel boxer shorts are these?" no one answered. 

  "They look like captain America ones," I said. He laughed and through the boxers into a box thing.

  "Did you see the captain America movie?" Tim asked me.

"No, but I really want to and I want to see the avengers trailer at the end on the big screen. I watched the trailer on YouTube." I said.

  "Oh, I know. I saw it. it looks amazing." 

"yeah, it has iron man, Thor, captain America, the hulk, and hawk eye."

  We carried on a conversation about superheroes till someone brought up Amy Winehouse.

  "Who?" I asked.

Tim said, "Amy Winehouse she was a British singer that got into drugs and she died yesterday."

  "Okay all I heard was Amy and British and my mind goes to Amy Pond, sorry." I said.

  "You watch doctor who?" Tim asked excited. 

  "Of course, it's the best show ever. Still got legs." I said. He just stared at me in awe. 

  We talked about a variety of subjects. I really liked him. He was so funny and cute. 

  Some people at the party started putting crap in the fire to watch in burn. After a while, an idiot chick put a water bottle filled with water in the fire.

The fire boiled the water and the steam shot out and burned Tim's hand. 

  Finally at midnight my sister made me leave. I really wanted to stay there and talk more with Tim. 

Over the summer I dyed my hair dark brown. And finally the first day of junior year came. Every guy I saw had to meet a new standard now. 

  They had to be British, like superheroes and doctor who, and had to be as funny and easy to talk to as Tim. 

  The day finally ended. In the parking lot there was a guy holding a sign. He had on a blue shirt and jeans. He looked so familiar. 

I saw that the sign said, "Lindsay." I went over to him. It was Tim. 

  "Um, Tim?" I ask. He looks at me, and then he recognizes me.

"You dyed your hair." he said.

  "Yes, I did. What are you doing here? And how's your hand?" I said.

  "My hand is lovely, thank you. And I'm here to take you on a date." I said simply. 

  "What?" I ask. He just takes my hand and leads me to a car and he gets in so I do too. We drive listening to music till we get to a dollar skating place.

I give him a confused look and he just winks. 

For the first few laps around the ring he holds me helping me, then I get the hang of it and we race. We only fell once the entire time. 

  We were racing and a little boy went in front of me, so to not hit him I turned to the side. I slammed into Tim and we tumbled to the ground, laughing.  He put his hand to me cheek and kissed me softly. It just amazing and sent shivers down my spine.

After, he dropped me off at home and said, "I'll pick you up here Saturday at 11." then he drives away. 

  I was so excited when Saturday rolled around. That mooring I put on a cute American flag blue midriff shirt and Jean shorts. 

My heart gave a jump when I heard the door bell ring. He stood in front of me in a white v neck and tan shorts. He was holding two pairs of sunglasses. Tim put one pair on him and slipped the other pair on me.

  "Don't worry I brought nosh." he said. We drove to a clear field. We got out and he went to the trunk.

He pulled out a picnic basket and a white umbrella. He handed it to me.

"So, you can feel British," he said laughing. He went over to me and slipped his arm around me and we started walking. 

  Two minutes after he pulled out the food, we engaged a full out food war. He smashed a slice of cake into my face and brought his lips to mine. 

The food and the war were quickly forgotten. I was so happy Tim was amazing and nice and I loved the way he said my name when we kissed. I knew this was going to be a good year. 

  I pulled away and asked, "So what are we doing later today?"

  "We I was thinking we'd go back to my apartment, he said and raised my eyebrow, "And watch Doctor Who."

The funny thing is that's what we did. We went to his apartment and watch Doctor Who and snuggled on the couch. Okay, we snuck in a few kisses, but hey he's hot. 

  When I told him that I was tired, he just held me tighter and let my rest my head on his chest. 

  My last thought before I fell asleep was, "I think I love this British boy, Tim."


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