Hated Love

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Draco Malfoy's cousin, Lucy is a mean cold-hearted girl when she starts at Hogwarts. She sticks her nose up at a mudblood boy named Jack Dobbs. They end up being the biggest of rivals. She is a Malfoy and he is a mudblood. both seekers. One for Slytherin and one for Gryffindor. But what happens when they call a truce and things start to change? Feelings start to change.
P.S. I know there is no actual cousin in the books, so use your imagination. I know you have it.

Submitted: July 11, 2011

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Submitted: July 11, 2011




Hated Love


I sat in my own on the train. I had my eyes closed trying to sleep.

"Um, all the other carts are full, so can I sit in here. Oops, you were sleeping, sorry." I boy's voice said. I opened my silver eyes and glared at him. 

"No," I said flatly. He laughed thinking I was joking and sat down. Bloody wanker. He was decent looking, I guess. He had light brown hair and blue eyes. Nothing special. 

"So, my name is Jack Dobbs." He said.

"Lucinda Malfoy, but I go by Lucy." I tell him. If he were smart he would get up and leave after hearing the word Malfoy. 

"So, Lucy, can you believe this place. I never knew this world existed." Jack said.

I push some of my long white blonde hair over my shoulder and said, "Oh, you're a mudblood." I saw the confused look on his face and said, "It means 'dirty blood' it's a name for people whose parents are muggles. And muggles are just non magic people." I turned away from him to look out the window. 

We didn't speak the rest of the way.

All first years went to get sorted. That boy, Jack Dobbs, when into Gryffindor. Finally, my turn came. I walked up too the front. After they called my name, everyone whispered Slytherin. They put the hat on my head. Two seconds later, "Slytherin" was yelled. 


The year went on with nothing special happening. Our seeker is graduating this year so they need a new one.I want to be the new seeker. I was already told I have a spot on the team.

But the real mystery is Gryffindor's new seeker. I heard it was a second year too. I also heard he's going to be like the next Harry Potter. Ugh. So, if I want to beat there new seeker I need a really good broom. Finally, the year ended, Slytherin won the house cup.

Over the summer, I went home. My father wouldn't buy me the nimbus 9000. So, I need to find another way to get it. Later, the summer I went over to visit my cousin, Draco. He's older than me and has the same white blonde hair and silver eyes.

The door to the manor opened. As soon as the lady saw me she opened the door all the way.

"I'm here to see Draco." I tell her. A few minutes later, Draco comes down. 

"Lucy." he acknowledges. 

"Draco, I need a favor." I say.

"No," He responds automatically. 

"Draco, I need to get a new broom. My father won't buy it for me. So, since I’m your favorite cousin. I was hoping you would buy it for me as a gift. A gift for becoming slytherin or for making the Quidditch team or to help me pound Gryffindor’S team into the ground."

"Does Gryffindor have a good team?" He asked.

"Yes, they have a new seeker. no one knows who it is all I have been able to grill out of Gryffindors is that he's in my year, a mudblood, and is said to be as good as Harry Potter. so, please to help beat the mudblood?"

"Fine. I assume it's the nimbus 9000 that you want." Draco said flatly.

"Yes, deliver it to me on the second day of school, so I can show it off." I said. I start to walk to the door.

As I’m stepping out the door Draco calls, "You're only my favorite cousin, because you are my only cousin."


On the second day of school, my broom came. Everyone was impressed. And I made seeker.

On the first Quittitch game we played Ravenclaw and we won. Our second game next week we will be playing Gryffindor and the other houses will find out who the new seeker is.

I got there and Slytherin was standing across from the Gryffindor.

"So, who's your next Harry potter?" Marcus asked laughing.

"I Am." a boy said walking forward. It was that mudblood, Jack Dobbs. Jack's eyes darted to me and he said, "ah, look the ice queen."

"Actually, I'm slytherin's seeker, Mudblood." I said with a smirk.


And the game started. People were flying ever which way. Gryffindor scored the first goal, then us, and so on and so forth. I saw the snitch at the same moment Jack did. And just like that both of us were off. Jack and I were neck and neck. Then, he pulled forward. He was about to close in on the snitch and he looked back at me. Jack wobbled and slowed down. I pulled ahead and grabbed the snitch and we won. But Jack let me win. He didn't lose his balance. That was on purpose. And it just made me mad. 

After the game I went up to Jack and said, "Come with me, now!" I went to an empty area under a tree. He followed me there. 

"What do you want, Lucy?" He asked.

"You. You let me win. You slowed down and let me catch the snitch. Listen here, Dobbs, if there's one thing I hate more than losing is people letting me win. If I lost I would have worked harder to get better. So, why did you slow down?" I said.

"Um... well I saw your face. When you realized you weren't going to catch it, you looked so sad. I've heard about your family, so I guess losing to Gryffindor would get you in a lot of trouble. And even though we're from rival houses, that doesn't mean we have to hate each other. ...Truce?" Jack said. His smile looked genuine.

"Fine, not friends but truce." I said.


Years went by, in some Quittitch games he won some I won. Through the halls we would say hi or just nod. In our fifth year, a week before Christmas break, my father sent an owl to tell me I was not allowed to go home for break. He said that it was because I had low marks in my classes and I lost to Gryffindor in the last game. I ran out the corridor, so they wouldn't see me crying. As I was running, I ran into Jack. I mumbled, "Sorry." and kept running. 

At an empty hallway the room of requirement appeared. I ran inside. The walls were made of mirrors and the room was entirely bare. I sat in the center of the room and cried. Someone sat next to me and put there arm around me. I looked to see that it was Jack. I shifted to hug him and I cried into his shoulder.

He rubbed my back and kept whispering, "It's okay," over and over. Finally, my crying slowed down and just about died out. Then, he asked,” So, what happened?"

"I'm not allowed to go home for winter break, because I got low marks in my classes and In the last game I lost." I said.

"That's bullshit, Lucy." He said.

"That's the Malfoy family." I said flatly. 

"Um... Lucy...Do you, maybe want to come home with me just for the break as friend, since you have nowhere else to go. So... do you want to come?" Jack asked shyly. 

"Yes." I giggled and hug him tighter and give him a kiss on the cheek. Jack's face turned beat red.


Jack and I were with our luggage looking for his parents. There was a scream, and then a woman with short brown hair and matching eyes ran over and hugged Jack. A man followed behind the woman. He had blonde hair and blue eyes.

"Mum, it's good to see you and you too dad." Jack told them. Jack's mum let go off him and Jack hugged his dad. I couldn't help but smile. His family looked so perfect and loving. It made me sad about my family. My family was the opposite of this one. We were so cold and distant. I couldn't even remember the last time either one of my parents hugged me. "Mum, dad, this is the girl I said would be staying with us. This is Lucy." Jack said. I held out my hand, but Mrs. Dobbs ignored it and hugged me. So did Mr. Dobbs.

"Thank you for letting me stays at your home Mr. and Mrs. Dobbs." I said

Mrs. Dobbs said, "Please, it's Rachel and Brian." We all got into something called a car and this car drove us to their home. Their home was a big two story suburb home. It was all white with a red door. When we got inside, Rachel said, "You will be staying in our guest room. It is on the second story and it is across from jack's room. Oh, jack dear will you show here and help Lucy get settled in."

"Yes, mum." Jack said. He grabbed my trunk and led me up the stairs to a room with yellow walls and a purple bed. Jack laughed when he saw the bed. "I told me mum you were coming, so she tried to make the room girly for you."

"It's so sweet of her to do that and the room is cute." I said. "She said your room was right across from mine. Huh?" I ran out of my room and into his. His room was blue and his bed was of course red sheets and gold pillows. I started laughing so hard. "You are such a Gryffindor." I told him. He looked a little embarrassed. Around his room were pictures of his family, some friends, and of Hogwarts. 

"And I'm proud to be one." Jack said. I rolled my eyes and went back to my room. 

I pulled a pad of parchment and a quill out of my trunk. I set the things on the desk in the corner. Next, I pulled a large mirror out of my trunk and set it on the desk as well. I open the pad to the first page; it was a half drawn picture of me. I looked up to the mirror and then down to the page and started to add more texture to my hair. About two hours passed, when jack came into my room. "Nosh is ready." Jack said. We went down to the dinning room. Rachel made home made pizza. The dinner was delicious. 

"So, what movie do you want to watch, Lucy you can pick." Rachel said.

"Um, well, what's a movie?" I asked confused. What the hell?

"Well, it's just moving pictures that talk on televisions." Jack explained.

"I still don't understand but okay." I said we ended up watching some movie called A Walk to Remember. It was about a weird girl and the bad boy falling in love, then the boy finds out the girl has cancer. He marries her and she dies, but she changed his life for the better in the end. Rachel was babbling at the end and I was tearing up. "These movies are brilliant." I said when it was over.

We all went to bed. The next morning, I was up really early as usual. I started drawing after 3 more hours on the portrait I finally finished it. "That looks really good." was said from behind me in a voice that I recognized as Jack's. I jumped not knowing he was in the room.

"You know usually, people knock or cough to announce their presence. They don't just sneak up on people." I scolded him.

"Fine, but can you do one of me?" he said, "For my birthday gift." he added convincing me.

"Okay we will stat after breakfast. I'm starving." I said.


"Okay, just sit there. Turn your head a little bit toward me. now make your smile smaller and more natural. Perfect." I told each time i told him something new he corrected himself. I spent a little over two hours drawing then said, "Okay, I'm done for the day we'll do some more tomorrow."

"So, do I get to see the picture so far?" Jack asked sweetly.

"No, you get to see it on your birthday." I said as he pouted. 


A week went by and then it was Jack's birthday, December 24. He turned 16 today. The last few nights he has been in every dream I've had. His parents gave him the normal gifts: clothes, books, movies, and a new broom. Then it was my turn. I wrapped the picture. It was of him, just his face. He had on a closed mouth smile, but I made the eyes look like they had a secret, just sparkling with joy. He looked even more beautiful in it. Jack unwrapped it and said, "It looks wonderful. I love it," he went over and hugged me a second longer than was necessary. We had a big dinner and cake then all of us went to bed. 

I changed into my pajamas and went into Jack's room. He was just in pajama bottoms and no shirt. He looked good, actually that's a lie he looked unreal.

"What are you doing in here, Lucy?" He asked.

"To give you your second present. You were expecting the drawing." I walked over and grabbed the back of his neck and kissed him on the lips. He was surprised at first and didn't respond then; he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me tighter to him. I pulled away and said, "That one you weren't expecting. Goodnight" I turned and left. I sleep with a smile that night.

the next morning, Christmas, I went down stairs to find Jack unwrapping some presents. I sat back and watched. I knew there weren't any there for me. There never was. Jack looked up at me and asked, "You're not going to open your presents?"

"I have presents?" I asked dumbfounded. He just nods. I went over and opened one. It was a baby blue dress. His mum probably guessed on the size. I looked at the tag and it was my size. I opened more and more most were clothes or matching shoes. I haven't had a Christmas like this since I was six. It’s been nine years since I really celebrated Christmas. 

Rachel came into the room and asked me, "Are the clothes the right sizes and do you like them?" 

I ran over to her and hugged her. I said, "Yes, they are perfect and I love them. Thank you."


The day went on. Late that night we watched another movie. it was about Christmas and that's all I know. My mind was on the fact my arm was brushing against Jack's. His parents said that they were tired and left about half way through. I tried to keep my eyes on the television, but they kept looking over at jack and his lips. I wanted to kiss those lips again. I quickly looked back to the movie. A kissing scene came up. I looked over to jack and he was looking at me too.

I leaned over and gave him a small kiss on the lips. He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me sideways across his lap. I locked my arms around his neck and kissed him harder. Jack licked my bottom lip, begging me to open my mouth. Finally, I did. I reached down to his shirt. I pulled it up. We stopped kissing just to lift his shirt over his head.

I ran my hands over his abs. Blimey, they feel amazing. Then my thoughts turned darker. I'm snogging a mudblood. If my father could see, he would bloody well kill me. I abruptly pulled away from Jack. He look confused and hurt. That look broke my heart. I mumbled, "Sorry." I ran out to my room and locked the door.

I avoided Jack for the rest of the trip. Then back at school, I did the same thing. He tried to talk to me but I would stay silent.


My 6th year started. Both Jack and I had become the Quittitch captains for our houses. And this year was the Triwizard Tournament. A Slytherin boy, named Lane Harris, was the Champaign for Hogwarts. I knew lane, his younger brother was my first kiss. The Yule Ball rolled around. Many boys asked me to go, but I said no to each one of them. I don't know why I always said no. Two days before the ball I still didn't have a date. It didn't matter.

That morning at breakfast an owl brought me a package. I slowly opened it. Inside was a baby pink dress and matching shoes. the dress was short, strapless, and had a tool attached so it would puff out really cutely. Next was a note. "Lucy" was written on the top. I opened the note. It said, "I would like to ask if you would be kind enough to attend the Yule Ball with me. You may keep the dress and shoes even if you choose not to go with me. But I hope you do say yes and if you do I will meet you outside the ballroom doors. Send your answer back with this owl. -JD"

JD? Oh, Jack Dobbs. I couldn't help but smile and laugh. He was so cute. I scrawled yes on a piece of parchment and sent it with the owl.


The day of the ball. I took a bath and washed my hair. I put my hair in loose curls. I slipped on the dress. It went down to mid thigh and fluffed out, because of the tool. I put on eye liner and lip gloss that made my lips look fuller. The shoes were surprisingly comfortable. They were only two inches, so instead of being 5 foot 6. I would be 5 foot 8. This is still four inches shorter than Jack. I looked perfect.

When I got there about five minutes late, Jack was waiting outside the doors. He had on a simple black suit. He looked like a sexy dare devil in it. Everyone was just joining the main slow dance. Jack whispered, "You look brilliant." then, he took my hand and led me inside. Everyone started talking then.

"Is that Lucy Malfoy with Jack Dobbs?" 

"But, they hate each other."

"A Gryffindor with a Slytherin. What?"

"Blimey, she said no to me and yes to him."

Jack whispered into my ear, "Ignore them." He pulled me onto the dance floor and spun me around. 

"Want to make them really talk?" I asked. He nodded. I grabbed his face and pulled it an inch away from mine. Everyone there gasped. Jack leaned in and I turned my head to the side so he ended up kissing my cheek.

"You're such a tease." Jack said. Then, he grabbed my face and pulled it completely to him. His mouth came down on mine. the entire room gasped and then started buzzing with noise. I wrapped my hands around his neck to pull him closer. There was a loud cough from one of the professors and we sprung apart. 

We started dancing again, I rested my head on his shoulder and Jack kissed the top of my head. We continued dancing till the end of the ball. it was great and after a while people stopped talking about us so much, yet not entirely. But still the night was magical. (No pun intended, okay maybe a little pun intended)

Over the next month, we walked around holding hands and kissing in public. It was great. I loved not hiding. And I started falling in love with Jack. Then, I got a letter from my dad. I read it on my bed. "I have been informed that you are infatuated with a mudblood. It must desist or when you come home, no one will be there to welcome you. You will lose the most important thing in this world; family. Our family has a reputation to protect and it will not be destroyed by a silly little girl's crush. Choose wisely. Our family does not give second chances." 

I jumped off my bed and ran over to the fireplace. I ripped the letter in half and through it into the flames.  I grabbed a quill and wrote, “He is so much more than a mudblood. He is brave and strong. Jack is kind and caring. He is funny and romantic too. This is more than a crush, I love him. And our family hasn't been a family since mum died. You don't laugh or smile anymore. You just don't care anymore, Dad. I'm sorry, but this is true. And if you hate me for my choice, then that's your problem. But I still love you, Dad." I sent the letter with my owl, Athena. 

A few days later, I got a response. "You are no longer my daughter." was the one sentence written. I went to the bathroom, so no one would see me cry. After about five minutes of crying, I went up to the mirror.

I ran my fingers through my hair and said, "I hope he's worth it and I hope I don't live to regret this." then, I left the bathroom and found Jack. I pushed thoughts of my dad out of my head. I ran up and kissed him. Yep, I made the right choice. I pulled back and said, "Can I stay at your house for break again and this summer and the same thing next year? Please?"

"What? Why? What's going on?" Jack questioned. He looked really worried. 

"My dad won't let me come home for being with you. I don't care. So, can I stay at your home?" I asked again.

"Sure, my mum already loves you. Last time when we were leaving she told me to be good to you, because you were the girl she wanted me to marry." He said smiling. I smiled too. I kissed Jack as my way of thanking him.


I went to his home every time we weren't in school. I even started to call his mum, Mum. I put pictures of Slytherin, Jack, Rachel, Brian, and even some of Gryffindor around the spar room that became mine. 

A year after we graduated from Hogwarts, we got married. We both became seekers for the Irish National Quittitch Team. In the muggle world, I drew illustrations for a newspaper and Jack writes the article. We did this to pass the time really, but it was loved so much we continued. 

We are truly the perfect pair. Perfect pair: artist and writer, two seekers, and husband and wife. We are Jack and Lucy Dobbs. A brilliant, cunning witch and a kind, brave wizard were madly in love. We let two very different worlds collide at a price, to love one another.  We never thought we would be in each other lives but I'm happy we are. We were the absolute rivals. We should hate each other, but we don't; we love each other. 


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