Story of BriBriBell

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This is pure fiction. It's about a girl that has to write a paper of her life for a college English class. Her story is about how her best friend save her life. He pulled her out of the water she was drowning in. He shook her and told her to wake up. PS BriBriBell is pronounced (Br-eye Br-eye Bell)

Submitted: July 03, 2011

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Submitted: July 03, 2011



Story of BriBriBell

Okay I think it is totally stupid thatMr.Samuelsis making us write a paper on our lives. I mean, we are only 20 right. Wouldn't all that papers be boring? Well maybe not mine. So here goes my life.

It started the same as anyone's a mother and a father. We lived i nFlorida. But my mom died in a car crash when I was 8. Then my dad got angry and depressed and started drinking.

I didn't feel home was safe so I would go to my best friends house. I had known Mark since I was 4 and he was 6. He is two years older than me but only one grade above me.Nights when my dad would get home after drinking he would hit me and if I didn't bring him a beer fast enough he would cut my arms, so it would just look like I was just emo. When I was in the seventh, Mark confronted me about thebruises. I would tell the school they were from falling down. He told me \"I know the bruises are not from falling down. I have noticed they tend to show up when your drunken dad is around you.” I made him promise not to tell any one. My dad was the only family I had.he would if I promised him one thing \"to one day maybe not today or tomorrow but one day to leave that place anddon'tlook back\" he said\" I will always be there for you when you decide to let go.\"

I grew out my night black hair to cover some of the bruises. Most days you couldn't even see my ice blue eyes. Through out high school the hitting kept happening. And I started to fall for Mark. I mean he look like Heath Ledger. He had his long shaggy slightly curly dirty blonde hair and big brown eyes. After he graduated he told he that I could drop out and go to California with him and start high school there. But Iwasn'tready to let go just yet. But he left and started college in California.

I missed him. One day we ran out of beer in there frigeratorand I told my dad that. He took out a pocket and cut a line on the left side of my face from my hair line to my jaw. Over the next month I used the money I had saved up from my job as a waitress to buy a car and I study really hard and took the SATs early so I could graduate early. I passed. That night I told my dad I was leaving.

He cut a line across each of my wrists but not deep. He then grabbed some gasoline form our garage, poured it on my back and through a lighter on it. The pain wasworstthan death. I could hear him laughing in thebackground the whole time. I was in the hospital a little over a week. I told them I was lighting the fireplace andthat'swhat happened.

As soon as I got out of the hospital I started driving to California. When I got to his apartment he wasn't home. I had put on a light blue dress. I waited on the steps for him to get back. About an hour later I saw him. Mark was wearing faded blue jeans, a black v-neck, and his hair looked like it hadn't been combed in days, but he looked adorable. He looked sad, but then he saw me. I can't even describe the smile that spread across his face. It made me forget about everything even the pain that I could still feel in my back.

Mark ran up and hugged very tightly. I couldn't help it screamed at the pain in my back. The skin was still very sensitive. He looked sorry and confused, so I pulled up the back of my shirt and showed him the scars. He cursed and said \"I'll kill him. I swear I will.\" I told him that I left and I'm never going back so we don't have to worry about him ever again. His answer was a small kiss on my lips.He pushed the hair out of my face and gasped. Mark ran a finger down the outline of the cut. I could see his eyes starting to water.

One tear escaped his eye and I kissed it away telling him \"I'm fine now. I'm okay. I'm safe\" he kissed up and down the outline of the cutewhispering \"I will never let anyone hurt you ever again.\" He grabbed my duffle bagand we headed inside. Inside his apartment was filled with pictures. There were pictures of his family, his mom, dad, and older sister. And there were pictures of me, maybe hundreds of him and me.

After two months we were living together I had a job as a waitress in a fancy steak house and was going to start college in about three weeks. Everything was good for the first time. That summer Mark proposed. Of course I didn't hesitate to say yes. The ring had a plain silver band and a simple diamond in the center. It was beautiful. I didn't care about the carats or anything.

The wedding took place on October 22. It was at a small empty beach. My bridesmaids were in aqua to match the ocean. Mark invited all his family and invited none of mine. My dress was white. It was strapless and hugged my figure. The top part of the dress had lace over it. The bottom was simple silk with a long trail. I had on a veil that hung down to my waist. My make-up was done to look natural and my hair was in soft curls.

My bridesmaids and I got into the car and drove to the beach. Once there Irememberthe smell of the ocean and how ittickled my nose. We planned the wedding so the kiss would be at sunset just like in those sappy chick flicks. Because I think I deserve my happy ending. Okay, so I was nervous very nervous beforehand. I mean what if I said the wrong thing or fell on my face walking to the alter?

But the bridesmaids went then the flower girl, then me. it didn't matter that no one was going to give me away, all i could see was mark standing there at the alter smiling at me like he just won thelottery. Okay I could see that and my hair blowing into my face from the wind. He looked really good in his black tuxedo.

When I reached the front Mark took my hand and whispered into my ear \"you look beautiful.\" The ceremony went on till we said our “I do's” and kissed. The kiss was soft and sweet.And so went the \"I now pronounce you Mr. andMrs. Mark Perri. Later, the photography just took picture after picture. The honeymoon was a week trip to Catalina, since that was what we could afford. It didn't matter to me as long as I was with Mark. I won't go into details about that week, since a teacher will be reading this. But let's just say it was a lot of fun.

Four months later,we got a call from Mark's parents telling us that my dad had died in a car crash. He was drunk driving and crashed into a poll and died on impact butluckily he didn't take anyone with him. I cried a little bit; mostly I was relieved he was gone. The thought that he would come find me and ruin everything scared me most nights. And now he was gone. But he wasn't my only family now.

I had Mark and his family. We have been married now 7 months and it is going great. We fight everyday, but that's what makes it real. I am still workings as a waitress at a five starrestaurant.And Mark is working right now as a personal assistant the CEO of the CADE Company. He is getting a degree in buildingdesign, he can become anarchitect. I am working on getting a degree inpsychology, so I can become a school counselor.

So to summarize, I was drowning. Mark told me there was still hope, even when I didn't believe it. Then, when I finally decided to let go, he was there waiting for me. Mark pulled me out of the water. He was there to save me, because that is what he did. He saved my life. Without him I might have never left.And right now this very second life is perfect. I am writing this in our living room. I can hear Mark's steady breathing of him sleeping from the other room. I have a family, loving home, and a future. What more could I want?

Mr.Samuels, you asked us to write a short story of our lives, well that was my life. That was all the key points. And if to you it seems like they are all about Mark, well he is the main character in my life. He pulled me out of the water I was drowning in all told me to wake up. He told me that he was waiting for me to wake up and let go.

The life of Brittany Isabel Fields.

Written by: Brittany Isabel Perri (BriBriBell)

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