What he did. Part 1

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Part 1 of a confusing time I went through. Sometimes you don't even realize you're getting your heart broken until it's to late.

Submitted: November 23, 2011

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Submitted: November 23, 2011



It all started out so innocent

We had only met a few times, briefly

A simple phrase was given here or there,

barely even a "hello" could be found

but goodbyes were everywhere

you didn't even know my name, or my place

you assumed I was taken

you were mistaken


(Then he began talking to me frequently...)

At first, I didn't care

you, in my mind...

were just another guy trying to get inside

but then something changed

Did a spark go off?

Why yes, and it couldn't be tamed

In retrospect, I probably wasn't ready for this

I had just gotten out of two hardships,

but I let you take control and low and behold,

some secrets were spilt


(After a couple weeks of talking to eachother, a friend informed me he had a girlfriend. He had kept this a secret from me.)

A secret relationship

Over time, it slowly broke me because, in my mind...

If you liked me, as you had claimed

then being with me would've been easy

you wouldn't even have had to question it,

but instead you stayed with her

I didn't even know her name,

and I didn't want to

some knowledge shouldn't be attained.

Did I get enraged?

Make you choose?

No, no...

I put up with it because I thought I knew the truth

I thought you were with her by force,

that you really wanted me to be yours

That's what you told me...and I trusted you

Even through all the things we were about to go through...


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