Deadly dreams

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It's a short story about a man who figures out that he's living more than one life

Submitted: August 02, 2014

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Submitted: August 02, 2014



Is there’s life after death ?

Or we just die and it’s over

Or maybe there’s another answer

I’ve been through a lot of things recently that all of you go through but you don’t take them into your consideration

Something strange happened last night, people called me Yao and I was in China, I even looked like a Chinese guy, I was living in a house with my wife and my children

I know it like the back of my hand, it was real because I don’t dream at all, it was the closest thing to reality, it wasn’t a dream

I spent there about 30 years, I can even describe what was happening each and every day, I felt time passing as if I was really Mr Yao and this was my life

I even remember few Chinese words I used to say, I asked a Chinese friend about them and they were correct

The last thing I remember was being shot in the head by a thief who broke into my house, I was defending my family, then I woke up in India, I was screaming and my wife was afraid, she calmed me down and told me that everything would be okay

When I asked her about the kids she told me that they were sleeping and she didn’t want to wake them up, I told her everything, she said that all of this was because I’m tired, she kept calling me Peru so I guessed it was my name

I felt that something was wrong, I live a life with my family then I die and then wake up in a different place in the world with the same people doing the same things but with different names and different faces, only their faces and names change

It happened a lot to me, I live my life regularly, go to sleep and I don’t dream then I wake up the next day

After a while I die and I go to live another life in another body

It happened that I died 9 times before, I think I lived about 200 years or even more than that

After that I went to a psychologist and I told him everything that’s happing to me, he was surprised because he has never seen or heard something like that before, he said to me “ Peru, you’re still young, don’t bother yourself with such Ideas, live your life the way you want and stop worrying about such things, you have a great family, a great wife and a great job, you’re responsible for delivering money to the manager of the biggest company in India, don’t waste such a chance and such responsibility to think about something that doesn’t exist “

Somehow I was convinced with his words, I started to live my life, I went to the psychologist two times a week and actually I felt a lot better

One day I went to the psychologist he said to me “ Today we will try something new, close your eyes Mr Peru “

I closed my eyes then I heard a gunshot, I think he killed me

I woke up screaming at bed in another place next to a blonde woman and she asked me “ Sam, what’s wrong ? “ I said “ Sam ? “ she asked me again “ Yes, Sam what’s wrong ? “ I replied “ Nothing honey I just need to go to India by tomorrow “

I went to India the next day, on the third day I went to the place where I used to live when I was Peru, I found my house but it was empty, I asked one of the neighbors about the house and she said “ This house belongs to a Peru’s family, he shot himself his family then he shot himself 10 years ago and no one lives here since then, they believe that the house is haunted “

I was really shocked when she said that to me, and confused at the same time, If I am right then when was I the past 10 years and If I am wrong then how did I know about Peru

I asked the woman about the psychologist, she told me that he moved to another place which is bigger

I went to the psychologist, he looked older, I told him everything and then he said “ listen, I was treating Peru for years and then he killed himself and he killed his family in an accident in front of everyone so it’s impossible that I killed him as you said and what you said about what you’re going through, Peru was going through the same thing too “

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