Haunted mind

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It's a story about a man who faces scary things in his house

Submitted: July 03, 2014

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Submitted: July 03, 2014



Hello my name is Franky I’m 30 years old I live with my mom and dad in a big house in San Francisco and I work as a lawyer

I’m gonna tell you a really strange story about my house, some of you might believe me, others may not believe me but I’m absolutely sure that all of you will think twice before judging me

We moved to this house in 2004 which means 10 years ago

And ever since we moved to it strange things happened that I can’t explain, things that may blow your mind like they have blown mine

Lost things that we can’t find, strange noise that comes from empty rooms, voices that keeps talking to me and it doesn’t even exist and finally the situations that proves that all of these things are true

It all started that day, I was home alone because I had a lot of work to do and I thought that I may listen to a quiet song to help me relax and concentrate

I know this song, I listen to it ever since I was a kid, I know the lyrics but this time it’s different because the singer is singing different lyrics calling my name in a really freaky way that I was so scared and started to shiver and then I cried for a really long time, I was so scared that I fainted then I woke up the following day like nothing happened the previous night, I told my mom what happened that night and she told me you must have been dreaming  I was about to believe her but I saw the same song paused on my PC

I started to be suspicious about the house and sometimes about myself

And other things kept happening that freaked me out a little bit till, that day has come

The day that changed my life

I was home alone again and the bell rang, I checked and I found that my dad is out there then I opened the door he kept shouting and complaining about a terrible day at work then he asked me to bring him a beer cane

I went to the kitchen to bring him a beer cane and I brought another one for myself, when I got out of the kitchen I saw the weirdest thing ever

He was wearing different clothes, and when I asked him bout that he said “ Son, I’ve been wearing these clothes for two days now I don’t have time to change my clothes, I could have finished my undone work instead “

I thought that I might be imagining all of this or maybe I just need some sleep, to be honest I didn’t sleep well the night before

Two hours later after a deep chat with my father the bell rang again my father left the beer cane on the table next to mine and said “ that must be the pizza I ordered on my way home, would you please son open the door and tell him to wait till I get the money “

I opened the door and what I saw was something that is really unbelievable

It’s my dad

And he said “ Hey Franky , why do you surprised ? “

I looked behind me and I found out that no one is behind me, I was home alone, I shivered again the way I did before 

I looked at my dad again shaking and staring at him and then he said “ Franky, why are you shaking ? are you okay ? and why there’s two bear canes on the table ? “

At that moment I fainted again

I woke up in the hospital

When I woke up I heard the following conversation between my dad and the doctor

Dad : Sir, I swear  that what happened he just started to shiver and then fainted for no reason, is my son okay doctor ?

Doctor : he is okay, he was probably shocked because of something, what else did you notice yesterday ?

Dad : his favorite song was paused on his computer and some of my clothes were thrown on the floor, but there was something strange doc, there were footprints on the carpet that belongs to my shoes that I was wearing all day at work

Doctor : that doesn’t mean anything to me, but it might mean something to him

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