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The show is a daily talk show but this was the most controversial episode

Submitted: July 23, 2014

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Submitted: July 23, 2014



-The show is a daily talk show, presented by Mathew

Mathew : welcome to the show, this is Mathew and our guest today is a really beloved artist, ladies and gentlemen please welcome Robert the great

-The audience starts to clap loudly, Robert walks in, shakes Mathew’s hand then sits in the guest seat

Mathew : welcome to the show, It’s a pleasure to have you tonight

Robert :  thank you, the pleasure is all mine

Mathew : Did you actually miss your flight to Arizona just to be here tonight ?

Robert : yeah, I don’t like the new director anyway

-Mathew laughs and so does the audience

Mathew : okay Robert you know the rules, I will ask you a question and you will answer, I don’t want short answers here, give long deep answers as much as you can

Robert : I’ll do my best

Mathew : Okay, What do think should change in life ?

Robert : life would be a lot easier if we weren’t able to think before talking, I thought about that, what if people were able to say whatever they want without thinking about the consequences, just say what you have to say, don’t be afraid what do these words mean or how will they affect you and affect the person in front of you, no hypocrisy, telling the truth, most people prefer to be silent, and most wise men said it’s great to keep your mouth shut and it’s a point in the middle between telling the truth and lying, but you will be absolutely neutral and you won’t affect anything or anyone, but sometimes neutrality hurts

For example, if you see a crime you must tell the police and at the same time, if you didn’t you’d hurt others

Mathew : If you were able speak your mind what would you say ?

Robert : It’s not about what I say, it’s about what would happen after that, if people started to speak their minds disaster could happen

Mathew  : Okay, personally, what would you say and what would be the consequences ?

Robert : If I told my mom that we can’t find a cure for her disease she would kill herself, and if I had told my dad that all I cared about was the money that he spent on me he wouldn’t have given me a penny and I wouldn’t have been who I am today

If tell my sisters that my life was better before their marriage, Okay that wouldn’t change anything

Mathew : who else ?

Robert : who else, let me see, my friends and my fans, I can’t tell them that I don’t care about them and all I care about is my art they wouldn’t even wait to see what I have to give

-Mathew was really shocked and so was the audience, they didn’t expect such words

Mathew : WOW ! that’s really honest and deep, but don’t you have any friends ?

Robert : as a matter of fact I do have friends but they are really few and they don’t know that they are close to me and on the other hand I have plenty of people who think that they are my friends but the truth is, I don’t even care about them

Mathew : So what do you suggest ?, to tell the truth ?, to lie ?, to remain silent ? ‘cause now I’m not following

Robert  : I’d go with telling the truth as much as you can but sometimes remain silent for the sake of others under one condition “ No one gets hurt on behalf of another “ and never lie

Mathew : Is there is any thing you’d like to add at the end ?

Robert : Sometimes I feel that I want to shout really loudly and “ That’s it, I’ve had enough, it’s over, goodnight everyone “ but what stops me from saying that is the fact that life goes on, after saying that nothing will change, everything that’s happening will continue to happen, your troubles will never run away, in fact, if you said such thing things will only be worse

Mathew : what scares you ?

Robert : principles contradictions, I have principles but sometimes I do things that contradicts them and sometimes I have two principles contradicting each other and I have to choose only one

- after that Mathew shook Robert’s hand and ended the episode, the following day on the next episode of the show, Mathew talked to his audience in a really sad voice and said

Mathew : We’re sorry to pronounce that our guest yesterday Robert was killed this morning, we’re shocked as much as all of you, what was weird about the accident is that they found two words written all over his body and the two words were “ Unspoken words “

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