Meditation, Karma, and Nonviolence

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Meditation, Karma, and Nonviolence

Teachings and Practices From The Buddhist and Jain Cultures

Submitted: May 13, 2015

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Submitted: May 13, 2015



This is a great read for people interested in eastern wisdom, Buddhism, meditation and nonviolence. It draws from the most ancient sources of knowledge, before organized religions, when the cultures that practiced meditation and non-harming (ahimsa) flourished. 

A very concentrated collection of knowledge in a very poetic presentation: it also features a poetic series on oneness, based on the ancient wisdom, and meditative experience of collective consciousness. The work is heavy on art and illustrated in an original style.

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Chapter 1: Meditation (Concepts and Knowledge)
Explains the philosophical concepts and important understandings related to the practice of meditation.

Chapter 2: Meditation (Technique and Instruction)
Detailed instructions for practicing traditional silent meditation.

Chapter 3: Oneness
Transmits the ancient knowledge of our connection with all Life, as realized by practitioners of meditation and related practices.

Chapter 4: Karma
Thoroughly explores the meaning of the ancient principle of Karma (action and reaction, cause and effect), as related to one's activities and experiences in life.

Chapter 5: Karmic Conduct
Explores the traditional knowledge and general principles associated with the mastery of karma through morality (non-harming), and lifestyle.

Chapter 6: Culture and Practices
A diverse wealth of information on the practices, lifestyle, and traditions that have come down to us from the ancient Jain and Buddhist cultures.

Clear, detailed translations
Of rare knowledge and writings,
From among the most enlightened lines
Of ancient human ancestry.

Enhancing our experience of Life, and our deep connection
With all living beings. Inspiring subtle realizations.

Practical techniques to compliment a rich philosophy.
Short readings arranged amidst abundant art and poetry...

If meditation and spirituality is something that piques your interest...hurry up and go get your literary dose of woosah ASAP!

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