Tragic Love

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a mysterious love story between 2 people.. Comment please.. thanks!

Submitted: June 06, 2013

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Submitted: June 06, 2013



 I’ll start out by saying that it was not the perfect romance. We were not the perfect couple, and we didn’t have the fairytale relationship that some people would make you think we had. We were that “on the outside” couple because on the outside we were ideal. On the outside, we were everything that two people together wished they had. We looked like we were happy . . . on the outside only.

I met Alex, my boyfriend, 2 years ago in a business meeting we had. He seemed to be such a gentleman. There was something mysterious about him though. He used to ask me a lot of personal questions and trying to get to know me more and more. It was weird. And I was actually frightened by how much he was trying to become closer to me. ”Have you ever tried to kill someone?” he mysteriously asked me one day,”No” I said, “Why are you asking me this weird question?” I added. And he simply answered me by saying that he was curious.

After that question a lot of thoughts started coming up on my mind. And I started thinking that Alex could be a killer or something like that. I decided to go and talk to my friend Jane about it and ask for her opinion about Alex. While having the lunch break during work I started talking to Jane, “Jane, what do you think about Alex? Since I got to know him I’m feeling that he’s trying to get to know me more, don’t you think that it’s weird?” I asked, “Well I think that Alex actually likes you and he’s trying to get to know more stuff about you just because he’s interested in you that’s it, it’s not weird at all” she said. I dint know what to say I felt confused and I wanted to get to know more about Alex too!

Days passed and one day Alex invited me to have a cup of coffee with him at the coffee shop. It was sweet of him to invite me and to sit and talk to me. I felt special and from that day I started feeling that he actually really likes me. I was falling in love with him each day. He was so nice and he had a great personality. Months passed and he came and expressed his love to me, later on me and him got in a relationship. Everything was going on perfectly. My friends were so jealous of me they’ve always told me how they wished that their boyfriends were like Alex.

I thought that I was living I a fairytale. Everything was perfect for the first couple of months then after that things started to change. We started fighting a lot; we used to fight every day and most of the time we were fighting for no reason. Alex started changing and he started becoming a violent person and he used to get angry about everything. “Alex, what’s going on with you? Why are you becoming a violent person? Why are you treating me like I’m nothing to you?” I asked with my eyes full of tears, “I haven’t changed, you just never knew the real me” he replied. His reply to me simple broke my heart. I felt stricken and weak. Everything changed, I started working listlessly and my friend Jane started to notice the change in me and whenever she asks me if I’m okay I answered her saying “Yes, I’m fine, I’m just tired”. I’ve always wanted to tell her about what’s going on between me and Alex but Alex have always threatened me that he would kill me if I told anyone about how he’s changing his treatment with me.

His threats started to frighten me more and more every day. Alex became someone I don’t know. Yet everyone thought that I and Alex had the “perfect relationship” because he used to treat me perfectly in front of everyone but terribly when we were alone. He treated me like his maid and even worse. I was naive and lost during that time. I was deeply in love with him. This love was the end of me. Slowly I started to mentally wake up from the state of ignorance I was in. I started getting flashbacks about the first day that I met him, I started remembering how this all started how his sweet words made me fall in love with him. Then I suddenly remembered the time when he asked me if I have ever killed someone, that made me think of a lot of stuff. I thought that maybe he contrived this whole thing just to kill me. I had so many questions on my mind that had no answer. And as I was in an ignorant state I decided to kill him before he would completely destroy me.

I planned everything and I was just waiting for the right time to commit my crime. I wasn’t aware at that time that I was going to commit a crime; I just wanted my pain to end as my pain was all because of him. After a couple of days Alex took me to a restaurant and then I decided to kill him on that day. As we reached the restaurant and ordered the food, we started talking. He was talking to me in a nice way, it was strange and I thought that he was trying to be nice just so that I wouldn’t feel that he was going to kill me. I was so blinded by the fact that he was going to kill me because that’s what I convinced myself. While we were talking Alex took out a ring from his pocket and before he could say anything I took out the gun and pulled the trigger on him. His last words to me were “Why did you do this?!”, “I’m sorry” I lamented and I started crying and I got so scared as I saw his blood all over the floor and I immediately ran out of the restaurant.

A couple of days later I got arrested for killing Alex. The day I got arrested was the day that I knew that I have lost my freedom; it was the most tragic day ever. I dint only kill my boyfriend, I have also lost my life. In the court I got sentenced for 25 years for committing the crime that I have done. And while I was in jail I started thinking of what would have happened if I haven’t killed Alex. I thought that maybe things would’ve been different and that we could’ve gotten married and we could’ve had a great life. But it was too late. Thinking about what could’ve happened was just too late.


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