Escape from my Bell Jar (12/2)

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This poem is slightly based off of Sylvia Plath's book "The Bell Jar" which is actually one of my personal favorites. The poem is my interpretation of whats going on in my life, using her figure of the bell jar as a substitute for depression. The end may mislead you a bit, but i can't truly explain it to you.

Submitted: December 02, 2009

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Submitted: December 02, 2009



I'm under my own bell jar,
trapped and unable to break out.
The glass is suffocating,
clouding my thoughts.

I can't get enough air, the air
inside the bell jar is lessened.
I slam and slam on the glass,
I try to break free of this prison.

It can't be done,
the bell jar is permanent.
I cannot escape, I cannot breath.
Let me out of this jar.

Feeling claustrophobic,
I continue to fight, old wounds
reopened and bleeding, yet
they do not hurt like they once did.

Relief as a small crack appears
on my bell jar, I continue to fight.
Old wounds heal, they heal faster
then they would alone.

Continuing, continuing to break free.
The crack begins to extend,
bringing fresh air into my lungs.
The glass shatters, I'm free from my bell jar.

Although I am yet to truly be free,
I long for the time that my escape
will no longer be a dream,
yet it will be my own reality

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