Firestar's Dream

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A writing project, I wanted to know what I could do with a certain subject.. So I just chose Firestar dreaming of his past. It showed him as a sweet little kit and finished with him as the brave leader of Thunderclan. Oh how I love you Firestar :)

Submitted: December 04, 2009

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Submitted: December 04, 2009



It was a long day today for Firestar. The border patrol had found more prey with Windclan scent, yet Onestar defends his warriors. He sighed as he laid in his bed, hopefully tomorrow would be a better day.

Seconds after he fell asleep, Firestar began to dream.

"TAG! You're it" Rusty shouted, his mother groaned. She was sleeping.

"Sweetie, go play with your brother and sister" she mewed softly.

"But they're boring!" Rusty complained "All Princess and Smokey wanna do is play with that stupid mouse toy our twolegs gave us!"

"You should do the same" she mumbled at she put her head back down to return to her slumber.

"Hmmph," he grunted, walking towards his brother and sister "why can't we play with a real mouse."

"Come on Rusty!" a voice shouted, it was Smokey. He always has to act like the leader, he's only older then me by a little bit!

"Yeah! Come join us!" Princess added.

"I'm coming!" he shouted back, but under his breath he mumbled complaints.

He ran over to them and pounced on the mouse. Rusty was so full of energy, but this toy didn't move enough for him to enjoy it. Smokey reached his paws under Rusty and snatched the mouse from him.

"Haha!" he acclaimed. While he was gloating, Princess was able to sneak up on him and not only get the mouse, but knocked him down aswell. They all purred in laughter.

I may not like the mouse, he thought to himself, but I sure do love my littermates.

The dream ended and Firestar woke up. He was no longer Rusty and no longer a tiny kit. He was Firestar, leader of Thunderclan, and he wouldn't trade anything in the world for it.

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