Reality that i am not in touch with

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just a collection of thoughs on life death and things that dont make sense to me. and i know that there are spelling mistakes....

Submitted: August 03, 2008

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Submitted: August 03, 2008



Ok so to start of with....Reality

what is it really? Seriously i dont know. a good proportion of the time im not even in touch with it. It feels like im in a box and reality is all round me, except i cant touch it. i can feel it, but sometimes its almost like my subconscious makes the decision not engage in reality. Like right now, im typing, but it doesnt feel like it......... Is anyone else as confused.  Most of the time it feels like my past never existed, its like a story i read in a book that never sold many copies. its all 2D. You would think it would be more. enough of how im not in touch with reality.

Another thing: What is normal?

i feel im re-hashing here, but there is no such thing as normailty. Or is there. Theres a question for the masses. Should normailty represent the majority of a population then  the word kind of contradicts its self. A while ago i would have been abnormal, but now that parameters have changed and societys ideals and sterotypes are parially shifting, im normal. Do you understand. 'Abnormal' is now a trend. Thus one is not really abnormal, because abnormal represents the minority. This does get a bit convoulted.  Take for example homosexuality, 5-10 years ago it was almost taboo. 10-15 years ago it was taboo. further back it was illegal. So where does this leave us. Look at the number of people professing to be homosexual or bi. My belief is who gives a damn, do what you want with who you want providing it does not take the choice/will from someone else.

In a discission with a friend, who shares opposing views on homosexulatiy, it came up that X ( the friend) believed that it was the greatest SIN. It was the greatest sin to love some one of your own sex? Does that make sense, not really. How does mass murder compare to homosexulaity, why it doesnt stand a chance. taking a life it seems is nothing to offending someones morals. Really where does that leave us? With no room for growth?

Do you believe in donating blood?

i do, it gives me validation for living...sure its a small thing, but im giving someone else something that they so desperatly need. A few months ago i signed on to be a bone marrow donor. When i told my family and friends they werent too happy. Why? I asked that same question, you would thing that it being my own body I would have a say. Maybe they dont understand why im donating. There might be the next Mother Theresa in need of a bone marrow transplant, the next Nelson Mandela, then next person who could make a difference however small in someone elses life. Thats why im doing it.

I also signed on to be an Organ donor. Lets just say this.....i will be dead, what use am i going to have for a pair of lungs, im sure the man in bed 14 with no smoking history but lung cancer could use it.  That makes infinetly more sense to me than letting it rot.

This leads onto the next topic: mortality

Momento mori : Remember your death

What is life and what is death. If we look at it from an economic and brutal view, death is good. Think of it as life is the input and death is the output. If the life kept building up then eventually we would run out of resources. Already the earth is getting tired, and as yet we have in surplus in some areas and not enough in others. This makes you wonder. Anyway getting back to mortality. There was a whole genre dedicated to death, most of this was Christian art and there was an emphasis on the Judgement Day.  In those times peole where so conscious of death that public clocks had words such as 'ultima forsan' the last [hour]. 

Such is the emphasis on death that there is/was a Spanish festival 'Day of the Dead'

What it really boils down to is: what is death?

Is there an after.... I mean you spend your whole life trying to accomplish something then all of a sudden it doesnt matter...Your Dead. Its like nevermind what you do, how much money you earn, who your parents are.....Dead is dead. There is no special place for people who earned $100,000 plus.

In death We are the more meaning to those words. I dont know who came up with it or if someone even did.

Eternity is often symbolized by the image of a snake swallowing its own tail, known as Ouroboros (or Uroboros). The circle. This implies that eternity is everlasting.........Kind of like which came first the chicken or the egg. One can not exist without the other. 

Between 1930-1967 there was a man Arhtur Stace who went around the streets of Sydney writing 'Eternity'. For over 25 years no one knew who it was. So really what is eternity. Its neverending.....which implies that it should've started somewhere, but then if it did, its not eternity is it.

I have so much more to write but i think i had better stop. Do remember, these are only my views so feel free not to take offences, how ever should you take offense anyway then its not really my problem.

Please leave any answers to the above questions

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