The Night Hunter

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Fiona was an average young women, who had a special job, she was a bounty hunter. But after one trip to capture Rossa the witch, her life was turned upside down. Fiona was no longer average, she became a goddess named Seera, her job was to eliminate monsters and magical creatures from Hong Kong.

Submitted: November 29, 2013

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Submitted: November 29, 2013



“Open up, Rossa”, shouted Fiona, as she was banging hard against the wooden door. “I want you to come out and head to the police station with me. Court hearing today, remember?”

All was quiet inside as Fiona pressed her ears against the door. She ran around the back, just in time to catch a glimpse of a woman in her fifties, dressed in a loose flowing dress, sneaking out to the yard. Quickly Fiona ran and caught up with her and grabbed on tightly of her flimsy dress. “Oh no, you don’t”, shouted Fiona.

“Let me go, “ Shrieked Rossa.

They started to struggle and as Fiona was trying to grab Rossa’s wrist and put the cuffs on, Rossa suddenly vanished into thin air, nothing but a bracelet was left in Fiona’s palm. A gorgeous, glittering silver bracelet with lots of moon and star charms with a dragon dangling off it, with a weird greenish glow shimmering on and off from the bracelet. A sudden chill shot down Fiona’s spine.

“What was that? Did I just have a vision?” Her brain couldn’t process what had just happened and thought she was losing her mind. No one could just vanish like that. Right?

That night, Fiona couldn’t resist and wore the bracelet to bed as she was so captivated by it for some strange reasons. She was so exhausted after a day at her part time job as a Bounty Hunter. Her job involved capturing criminals and put them back in police jail to wait for court hearings.

How would you expect a person who didn’t know how to use a weapon or even defend oneself to chase after dangerous fugitives? Well, Fiona didn’t quite have a choice after her parents died and left her with nothing but an apartment. The poor girl was in desperate need of money, so she decided the only way to earn money was to become a Bounty Hunter.

The tired Fiona instantly fell asleep. Slowly her body became lighter and lighter to the point where it became weightless.

Then suddenly she was floating, as if she was having an “out of body” experience. In fact, it was her soul, which was actually floating.

The soul had a different identity. Her name was Seera, a Greek goddess with flying and shrinking powers, allowing her to shrink people or objects to the size of ants. It took Seera some time to get used to her powers, but she had managed to gain control.

Seera flew out of her apartment and towards the busy streets of Hong Kong. “Everything seemed different from above,” Seera thought, as she stared at people and cars that were as small as peas. Her long flowing dress reflected the moonlight, she sparkled as bright as any stars against the night sky.

Suddenly, she heard loud menacing growls coming from a nearby skyscraper on her left then followed by continuous screams of terror. She quickly flew across and the growling became louder, a nearby building just crumbled under her, people on the streets scattered for shelters, shattering screams came from all different directions. The chaotic scene reminded Seera of the 9/11 twin towers incident at New York.

Then emerged an ugly monster with razor sharp claws and a dark green, scaly body, it had a third eye on its forehead and very sharp teeth. It was the most hideous thing that Seera had ever seen in her entire soul being.

Seera took a deep breath and stormed towards the ugly monster in a battle mode. Being more agile, she definitely had advantages over the beast, dashing from side to side, constantly confusing it. But soon, the nasty beast caught up with her tactics and grabbed onto her tightly, squeezing her until she was breathless. While struggling desperately to break free, her bracelet broke and dropped onto the ground. At the same time, Seera also dropped out of the sky and landed onto the ground with a loud thud.

Very slowly, Seera drifted over the buildings, passed the busy streets, into the apartment and back to Fiona’s body.

Fiona woke up with a start and found she was back in her own body.

“What happened? My god! My bracelet’s gone! The monster? It must have taken it! I have to get it back.”

Fiona couldn’t fall asleep, knowing the monster might be using the bracelet for its evil doings.

Later that morning, Fiona left her apartment and started to search for her bracelet. She walked around the streets, roaming between buildings and wondering where the monster could be.

Then in the distance, she heard the familiar menacing growls again, the nightmare was coming back. Fiona followed with her sensitive ears and found herself at the foot of a steep slope, she walked slowly towards the monster’s lair.

The creature was holding the bracelet between its fingers and Fiona approached cautiously. The monster had a lot of strength, it flicked Fiona onto the wall as if she was a mere fly with its fingers. Poor Fiona tried again and again, and finally she succeeded and snatched the bracelet away.

Seera immediately appeared, leaving Fiona’s cold lifeless body on the ground. She used her shrinking power for the first time and shrunk the monster to the size of an ant and stepped on it. Mission accomplished!

Seera then returned to Fiona’s body.

Overtime, Fiona became known as the “Sleeping Goddess Seera”, for defeating and shrinking huge dangerous beasts.

Fiona still kept her job as a Bounty Hunter by day and Seera at night. A hero to protect the people of Hong Kong at all time.


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