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What would make you admit?

Submitted: February 01, 2012

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Submitted: February 01, 2012




You are your eyes,

Oh! How blue your eyes are,

I won’t make comparisons to the sea or sky,

No words could express,

I don’t express.


You are your Lips,

The top lip the shape of a cupids bow,

Firing the arrow that pierces my heart,

Though my lips don’t open,

They wouldn’t dare.


You are your body,

Calvin Klein worthy,

Broad shoulders, though neck still in sight,

Muscles giving me strength,

Though I am weakened; speechless.


Though no feature of yours make me speak up,

Your eyes, lips and body,

All failing to make me announce,

Then you turn,

You turn…and I smile.


This leads me to some expression of love,

Not words…but something,

Something that announces my love for you to the world,

So small,

Yet perfect.


The two dimples placed on your lower back,

Venus dimples…How perfect,

My lips sculpt a smile,

For you are not as able-bodied as first intimated,

For you are not only handsome, but now cute to me.


You are my love,

My religion,

You are the smile on my face and the weakness in my knees,

You are beyond compare,

 And you are admired from a distance.


With only a smile as evidence.

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