Butterfly (by November)

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Despite it's short length, this is probably my favorite poem of those I've written. It may not be technically the best, it may not have fancy poetic techniques, but I like to think it speaks for itself.


All those flaws you seem to see
don’t matter because you’re perfect to me.

Submitted: August 11, 2007

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I like the simplicity. It's wonderful how so few words say so many things. Poems don't need to have fancy poetic techniques, just the emotions or thoughts or ideas that are expressed through them.

Out of curiosity: Why did you choose to title it "butterfly"? Is it a literal butterfly or metaphoric?

Sat, August 11th, 2007 8:33pm


Thanks =)

The Butterfly thing is purely personal really. Butterflies can be beautiful though, and a perfect person will always give you butterflies.

Again, thanks for reading.

Sat, August 11th, 2007 6:30pm


Such little words, such a great meaning. This was simply beautiful. It would flatter any person you gave this to if you liked them is a simple way to put what I was thinking when I read this... This is simply wonderful. Good work once again. ^-^ Keep up the good work hun!

Sun, August 12th, 2007 6:34am


I wish.

Again, thank you very much. =)

Sun, August 12th, 2007 1:18pm

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