Everything We Do

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This is sort of adressed to the human race as a whole ... it's probably a little extreme. I don't know, I just don't get why people can be so happy with the whole popular culture thing. As I say, it's a mild opinion of mine developed to an extreme (so please don't hate too much).

Submitted: September 03, 2007

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Submitted: September 03, 2007



Everything We Do

I'm just another dumb boy not living the dream,
without an idea of what this all means,
no ambitions, no goals, and no perfect plan,
just another dumb boy, soon another dumb man.

People don't understand, they say 'come on, just be happy,'
then turn to their friends, 'what a miserable chap, he
doesn't understand that it's just so darn easy!'
Well not if I don't want to be sleazy -

like the sub-standard humans I see on TV,
celebs as our idols? Well I must disagree.
They call themselves 'better,' as flawless teen-queens,
but really they're force-fed green raping machines.

Yet the people still smile
with their idol's on trial,
still they stay cheerful and full of content,
as I sit here still tearful, and full of contempt.

If I only whored out, and put on my 'pout'
maybe I would be happy and stop this smile drought,
but what's the point in striving for fun,
when everything you do is just everything you've done?

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