The Creed And The Crown

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A political piece for anyone who's had enough of being led into the depression by an unelected leader.

Submitted: May 07, 2009

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Submitted: May 07, 2009



The Creed And The Crown: State of the Nation Address

Please raise your hand if you voted for
this man who's administration took us to war,
no hands will raise the country wide
except for one man who lied and lied,
this grinning man who's raised his fist
is the man who took our flag and pissed
on St. George's cross and the people below,
then handed the torch to the new star of the show,
who stands at an angle as if to hide
the fact that he's in both eyes blind,
which helps him do his dreadful deed
to desecrate and rape the creed,
his thirst for blood is never quenched
and he refuses to acknowledge the pungent stench
of the ever wilting English rose,
see this is the government that gladly chose,
with problems back home like guns and knives,
to invade Iraq and now our lives
with CCTV on every corner
to monitor the movements of every foreigner
and every child whose behaviour is deemed
to be antisocial by the ever esteemed
and 'honest' prime minister who graces our land,
and expects us to follow his every demand,
but the time has come to change the status quo,
and give the prime minister an ASBO
for spending our money on bailing out banks,
expensive habits and tailoring tanks,
for force feeding us news
that never considers our points and views.
So don't you think that we are scared,
your party needs to be aware
that we're the ones with the real power,
if we all stand up over you we will tower,
because we are the doctors, the dentists, the teachers
and we are the bakers, the scientists and preachers,
we're the police, the nurses, the rich and the poor,
we are the people and we deserve much more,
and if the Queen won't join us in this changing season
then I'll be gladly tried for treason,
because tell me what's the point of having a Queen
if she's never heard and only seen,
is she nothing more than a tourism machine,
designed and custom built to bring in the green?
If she won't stand up and her people won't scream
then we wave goodbye to our hopes and our dreams,
we should tie up with ribbons and gift wrap the crown
and give it to fucking Gordon Brown.

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