- Ambition

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A quick collab. with a close friend.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011



They said I couldn't do it,I wouldn't make it to the top

Everyone just wants to see you fail,I told 'em I wouldnt stop

All their hating is my motivation& this is my ambition

Their words can't phase me,I won't fail under any condition

They're always in my business, trying to see me fall

But when will they seeI'm giving it my all?

I'm gonna do what makes me happy, fullfill my wildest dreams

Even if it takes 200years,I'll do better than extreme

It's like they've never wanted anything. but see I want this bad

I'm gonna do my best, your love's the best thing I've never had

If you tell me that I can't,I'll show you I can

Maybe one day you'll realize my mind is on a level you can't understand

A level that can't be comprehended, alevel that can not be lended

My thoughts are my ambitions, my choice is my decisions

My accuracy is my decision, hiking to the peek.

Am I greedy?Is it too much that I seek?

Drowning in my self, but I've never let myself leak

No one has ever been by my side through any lane or creek

I've learned to be strong & forget that word called weak

I'm self motivated, but I love a loving hand

I hope I get to know this person well, and be as close as shore and sand

This helping hand would pay my internal fees

The person puts my first, then my heart at ease

Do I ask for too much?Do I ask for too many?

Do you wanna hear my thoughts?I have plenty

Not many understand me, but I know this person that tries

I get pictures of us together like the color blue and the skies

She's very careful and mighty kind

Ambition, where are you?I'm coming to find

Ambitions are my goals, reaching them would make it worthwhile

We go together like a cabinet and files.

Sometimes I think I know what I want less and less after all the miles

Ambition, success, what else?Is there something missing? Lady Smiles?

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