- Losing It

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Second collab. with a close friend.

Submitted: December 31, 2011

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Submitted: December 31, 2011




I feel like if I was in the dark, I just might glow

I have no edge, like the letter 'o'

My mind is collapsing inwardly and inside

My soul is searching for someone to confide

Maybe a chance would make me certified

Maybe a dance would make me say, 'I didn't walk, I flied'

I'm sitting on the edge of my bed

All these toughts going through my head

My couldn'ts, my shouldn'ts

My not's, my wouldn'ts

But it all is starting to seem like bull shit to me

If you don't understand, you might have to start thinking in 5D

I am not a letter, I am not a word

I am better, but soon to be absurd

I can't seem to wrap my mind around my situation

Instead I lay under my mind and wrap around my hesitation

Crazy, crazy I need to think straight

Lazy, lazy I need to accept fate

But it hurts to think about certain things

I'm trying to see what's behind the curtain and what it brings

I need help fast, my thoughts are stuck on the past.


I am lost in my surrouding 

Losing you was astounding

Everything is slipping away

Slowly, slowly. Day by day

Watching it all fade away

Is there anything here to stay?

Questions floating in my mind

The person I see is one of a kind

But even that is going to a distance

I'll keep trying with great persistance

Why can't I just get a break?

Anything good is what they take

It's nothing big that I need

Writing with Shaheedy B, but I call him Heed

Falling off the edge, I'm trying to succeed

Walking through the grass, I can't see behind the weeds

Don't judge me for nothing, I'm humble with my deeds

Moving myself up in the world

Don't underestimate me cause I'm a girl

Shaheedy B and Lady Smiles taking over

We don't need luck, no four leaf clover.

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