I wrote this poem for my grandfather who recently passed away from lymphoma. I love you, PopPop

The ribbon wrapped itself around me today

My arm and a leg

Now completely tangled up in a hopeless mess

My body is being taken over by one simple ribbon

It’s making me feel tired

Making simple tasks harder and harder

I never thought this could happen to me

Simple emotions weren’t so simple anymore

Scared, hopeless, sad, angry, worried, hopeful


I wasn’t going to go without a bang

There was no way I was going with a whimper

I have my family

And I was going to fight it hard

I was going to fight it strong

And I’m going to fight it through the end

Until the day the ribbon wins the fight

And the angels carry me away


I love you PopPop. And I always will.


Submitted: July 07, 2013

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