What I Think of in Bed

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We're all a little weird laying in bed, right? ...right?

Submitted: March 08, 2014

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Submitted: March 08, 2014



Jeez I probably really should go to bed…

It’s almost 12:30

There’s a mustache on the TV

Did I feed the fish?

How come the curtain isn’t closed?

Why can’t I type?

This should be easy but it’s not I keep misspelling words

I hope he likes me

Why would he like my friend anyway? She acts like a slut sometimes

Whoops sorry that was mean…but it’s true

I mean, you can feel it if there’s a wedgie if you’re wearing leggings

I do not care if you pick it in front of everyone no one wants to see your camel toe

God I’m tired

What am I still doing awake I was up at like 6 this morning?

Maybe I should text him tomorrow

Ugh I have so much homework to doL

What is that icon doing open? I didn’t open that

My arm has indents on it. It kinda hurts a little

Part of me hopes she’s not going to be in on Monday.

Is that mean?

I’m sorry but there is no way she doesn’t know she’s flirting with him.

It’s not like flirting is easy to anyone. Right? It’s hard

I can’t do it I act like a…ummm….fat walrus?

It’s like…“Hey. Your face. I like that.”

Just kidding….no really I LOVE it.

There’s 222 words by the end of that ^ line

That’s kinda cool

Why can’t I go up to people and just be like

“F**k you, F**k the world. Get out of my F******g face.”

Seriously. Why not? Why is that considered rude? Life would be SOOOO much better if I could.

What does that little X mean in Microsoft word? Why is it yelling at me?

What would people think of me if I actually said this stuff out loud?

God I hate my stepmom

I mean she’s 33 years old why do I act older than she does? I dunno

Why does she only weigh 80-something pounds?

You’re still fat b****h.

I need to go to bed. It’s late. I need to practice tomorrow.

God I hate running.

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