As Loyal As They Come

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
Best friends can always be trusted. They will never try to hurt you and they will always tell you the truth...or sometimes not tell you the truth to avoid hurting you

Submitted: February 03, 2014

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Submitted: February 03, 2014



What is it about him? What is it that makes Ella think of him when she does not want to? He had already given her the reason for dumping her, so why was she after closure?

“It’s going to be okay, Ella,” her best friend, Gabby, said with a reassuring tone.

“I don’t know Gabby. I just can’t figure out why he did it,” said Ella, tears in her eyes.

Gabby has been keeping her best friend some company for the whole afternoon after she received a phone call from a sobbing Ella to come see her. Ella confided to her best friend that she has not gotten over the fact that her ex, Nikolai, dumped her. He said to her on the day they broke up that he no longer felt what he felt earlier on in their relationship. He told her that he had lost his love for her and that if they continued their relationship it would be dull for him and also it would be lengthening his charade of false affection towards her. It was for the best, he said.

“It’s not you, it’s me. That’s what he said. That’s not even original!!” Ella sobbed.

“Why are you even crying over a guy like that? Forget him, Ella. When you two were together you weren’t even happy most of the time. Believe me when I say I know that that is true because I was the one who had to listen to you whining about all the bullshit he used to pull on you,” said Gabby infuriatingly, “If I had known back then I would’ve never let you near a guy like Nick.”

“That’s the POINT. I WANT to forget him, Gab, I do. I just can’t and it’s hurting me. It hurts me that he has not called or contacted me back. And now I’m questioning if he ever did love me in the first place,” Ella paused, “I don’t even know where he is. He just disappeared, Gab!”

“Maybe the bastard’s moved away. My advice is to forget him and find someone new. You don’t deserve this pain El. Be strong. Move on with life,” Gabby said as she put her arms around her red-eyed friend.

“Gabby I want to tell you something,” Ella’s eyes moved up to meet with her friend’s as she spoke, “you’re a good friend and you’ve always been there for me. I love you Gab and I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Gabby took this in and waited for a while before she replied her friend with a smile, “I love you, too, El. You know I’ll always be there for you, but,” she hesitated before saying “I didn’t just come over to see you just because you called. I was going to come see you anyway. I have something to tell you Ella,” she hesitated again before she finally spoke again, “I’m moving away.”

Ella’s tears for Nikolai dried up instantly as she felt the impact of what she just heard.

“What?? You’re MOVING?” Ella was horrified. “I just lost my boyfriend and now I’m losing you, too? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? When did you plan this?”

“It’s a long story El, my family in Alaska invited me to move in with them and I’ve always wanted to go. I didn’t tell you because it was right when Nick broke up with you when I was invited,” Gabby explained.

“No. Just. You know what? Leave. Just leave me alone. I’ll be fine. Just go, Gab,” Ella scorned. “I can’t believe you did not tell me.”

“Ella, please!! I’m sorry!!” pleaded Gabby. Ella pushed her away and the two women were now standing up, one glaring at the other who had a look of guilt on her face.

“You know what, Gab? I’ve always been there for you and no matter what I have always told you everything that goes on in my life. How could you?” tears rolled down Ella’s cheeks as she glared at Gabby.

Gabby was silent. She stood there looking mortified and almost petrified, too scared to say anything. She looked down at her feet as she listened to Ella go off on her. Then there was silence between the two and that’s when a surprised Gabby nearly tumbled backwards from the force that came from Ella’s embrace. The two stood there hugging with tears running down their faces and sobbing together about how they will not forget each other and that they would keep in touch.

“I’m leaving tonight, El.” Gabby said before leaving her friend’s apartment if not for good then for a very long time.

“E-mail me when you get the chance, huh? And call me when you get there, okay?” prompted Ella.

“I will, girl. I love you El.”

“I’ll miss you, you crazy bitch.”

They hugged one last time before Gabby waved at a passing taxi and got in. Gabby looked out the back window to see Ella waving goodbye.

It was the last she would ever see of that woman


Gabby arrived at her apartment and stormed into her bedroom. There on the bed laid a man reading a book.

“I did it babe. I went to see her!” Gabby announced with a big grin on her face.

The man looked up from his book and put it down beside him.

“What did she say?” asked the man.

“Ugh! The same boring stuff about how she can’t get over the break up. I told her I was moving to Alaska to stay with my family and she totally bought it,” said Gabby triumphantly.

The man’s expression suddenly matched Gabby’s gleeful mood. “Yes! So when should we go?” asked the eager man.

“You mean WHERE should we go? We can pack up tonight! You have you car right?”

“Yeah, I do. I’m ready to go….as long as you’re coming with me, babe.” The man got up from the bed and walked over to Gabby and kissed her amorously.

“Nick, focus,” said Gabby with an irritated tone but she kissed him back and said “Maybe we should go to Mexico and live there. I’ve always wanted to go there. What do you say?”

“Hell, yeah, Mexico!” agreed her lover.

Gabby smiled and then suddenly her smile disappeared. “I’m a bad friend aren’t I?”

“Nonsense. You just don’t want to hurt her with the truth and that goes the same with me. We both don’t want to hurt her. The moment I met you, Gab, made me regret having met Ella first. You were always the one,” her lover reassured her and gave her a kiss on the cheek.

How could something so wrong feel so right? Gabby wondered.

“You know, I’ve always wanted you. I love you Nikolai,” said Gabby affectionately.

“I love you too, Gabby,” replied Ella’s ex-boyfriend.



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