I Fear What I Need

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How we can cope with change in our live, so that we can move forward with peace.

Submitted: November 07, 2012

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Submitted: November 07, 2012



Just this past year I have had a big change in my life. One that I wanted and needed in order to grow. But, when I asked for it and I put it in the universe, using the words from the Moses Code, I AM. I never knew it was really going to take me where I wanted to go and letting go of things I didn’t need. So in order for me to reach that path, I had to go through a lot of thick weeds to reach it. What I mean is I had many changes that were out of my control, so that I could get the desired changes needed for me in my life.  At first I was angry and felt as if my life was falling apart, but once I let go and allowed it to happen. I began to trust my new path and that it would lead me to better things and indeed it did, making my life so much better and fulfilling.

Its okay to allow the darkness when we suffer a change we feel has taken us backwards a bit, but as long as we let go of the darkness and bring in the light trusting that it will bring us what we need in our life. Also that without darkness we will not be able to bring in the light that is need for us. The reason is we have to go through a death, so that we can live our new life and let go of the old.  Sometimes we do not know how to change what we want in life, and when we ask for help from the divine. It may take us where we need to go without choice, helping us to do what is needed in our life. By making us do what seemed so hard to do ourself afraid of suffering. But, if we let go and go with it we will see the joy and happiness it brings us. The old saying is true we must close one door in order to open a new one.


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