Search Of A Broken Heart

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Pieces of a broken heart.

Submitted: September 06, 2012

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Submitted: September 06, 2012



My perfect angel my daddy. Three years ago my heart shatter into million pieces,  picking each piece up, I've watch my life flash before my eyes each piece had a unforgettable memory. As I walk I picked up a piece of my shatter heart watching the memory that lies there,I've questioned god , why? I tell my self I should have stayed maybe everything would have been okay,  Picking up each piece puting it back where it belongs , still doesnt seem right. Even when it does.When will i ever know I searched many days an nights, then I came to realize the days I cried trying to put my shatter heart together to feel no more pain in search of whats been missing ,ive just wanted to give up on searching I gave in one last try I looked one more time as I look up I saw theses beautiful clouds I've ever seen and I found that piece I've been search for right next to god, the piece of my heart I've been looking for was no longer here because god was holding him in his arms. I saw my daddy smile one more time then he said I'll be watching over you, I'm your piece of heaven. 

-Mariann Novoa 

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