The Sin Of Lust Part 01

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Alexandre makes some research about a particuliar sort of demon...

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



  It would be a dream come true for any bookworm. Books aligned on every wall, classified by subject and year of publication. Copies of lost books, in almost perfect condition. Editions of the Bible in every language possible. Even books considered occult; Malleus Maleficarum, the book used in the trial of the supposed witches during the Inquisition, one of the fourteen copies of Le Culte des Goules, one of three copies of the english Necronomicon and the book he looked for, De Praestigiis Daemonum. A book about demons and how to summon them, confine them and make them do what we want to. He browsed and found exactly what he looked for: the sexual demon known as incubus/succubus. The first being male and the other female, they are said to collect life energy from their victims. They seduce, and then have sex with them. And then they kill them. Not always, but most of the time. The rest of the time, the victim is left with so little strength, that they sometimes die after falling sick or from a heart attack.


  The demon attacked both men and woman, and also had sex with both. Alexandre thought of two possible explanations: there may be an incubus or a succubus or it may be both. Deciding not to take any chance, Alexandre decided to sharpen his sword a little bit more tonight. He was lucky, in a sense, to be a vampire; he could not feel physical pleasure, so couldn't break his knightly vows ever, or be affected by the succubus, if succubus be. He would remain chaste all his existence, to his dismay. He could never enjoy the physical expression of love. Never. This thought made him think about his now-dead lover. Even dead, she inspired him. She gave him the will to continue his mission. She gave him the strength to keep faith in God after all these centuries.


  The world became an ugly place. The Devil took hold of too many people these past centuries. It led humanity to do stupid, awful things. Like war. In his time as a Holy Templar, war had a meaning. It was a question of faith, of belief. But now, it was other things that motivated humanity. Money, for example. Having made the knightly Vow of Poverty, money didn't concern him. He couldn't understant why it had so much of an importance to men. To him World War Two seemed like a parody of a real war. Hitler wanted the human race to be purely white. God made human equal, regardless of the color of their skin. This was ridiculous. But these ramblings had to wait, for the sun would come up soon, and he had to sleep, eyes wide open like every night since that dreadful night 800 years ago. His undeath twisted him so much, his eyes could never close again. He would stay like this forever, his eyes always open, even in sleep. He remembered the many things he never wanted to see but didn't have a choice. He thought that maybe God wanted him to be ever watchful, ever vigilant, but that didn't ease his pain. He simply thought of nothing and tried to fall asleep, all candles out, in the darkness, eyes wide open, like eyes wide closed. Tomorrow, he would get to work. And this was dirty work. Like always.



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