The Sin Of Lust Part 02: Old Acquaintances

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Meeting with the Necromancer at Notre-Dame

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



 The night after, Alexandre decided to call one of his contacts named Antoine. He specialized in necromancy, more specifically speaking with the dead. Alexandre took a quarter from a big jar he kept for emergencies like this and went to a phone booth outside the Cathedral. He dialed and waited. The voice of a man answered:"You just reached Antoine Dupont's answering machine. Please leave a message after the beep and I'll be sure to reach you in the shortest delay. Thank you for your call." "Just my luck.", he thought. He decided to leave a message instead of calling back later:"This is Alexandre Delacroix speaking. You know who I am and you know how to reach me. Come meet me at the usual spot ASAP, this is a urgent matter. " He hung up and went up to the Cathedral bell, called Emanuelle.


 He waited about half an hour and then a man showed up. He was tall, thin, pale as death... One could easily say he looked like a living skeleton. Antoine wasn't of the mortal world anymore. He used his dark knowledge of necromancy to defy death and gain eternal life. It was the quest of his life, needless to say. Alexandre and him knew each other since long ago. While hiding from persecution in the witch hunts, Alexandre came to meet interesting people. Some of them vampires, many of them witches and warlocks, and him. He wasn't known as Antoine Dupont back then. His real name was François Duchêne. He changed his name when the witch hunts were over because he didn't want to be recognized by the church authorities. Everywhere he went, there were a feeling of unease, as if death followed him. Alexandre didn't like him at all. He was a liar, a cheater, a deceiver... But he needed his skills. And to Antoine Dupont, a vampire faithful to God made him afraid, so he preferred to keep his word unless he was sure to get away with it or if the situation really was to his advantage.


"Good evening, très cher... You called me about a matter of urgency, am I correct?"

"You're the only real medium I know in the world and I need your cooperation." said Alexandre.

"You need my help, you mean..." Antoine replied, sarcastically.

"Call it as you wish. The fact is that you are the only one capable of communicating with the dead."

"What's in it for me?"

"What's in it for you? You dare ask me that?"

"Well I expected some kind of reward for helping you... Money doesn't fall from the trees, you know."

"You expect me to give you something after what you've done to me? Because of you I slept almost 200 years! It's a century more than what was supposed!"

"Well every plan has its flaws... You went through the witch hunts, didn't you? I simply gave you what you asked for. Don't blame me if you overslept."

"Enough of this. Even if I didn't forget about it, God teaches us to be forgiveful. So I forgave you. But I didn't forget."

"Ok, let's suppose it was my fault and that I owe you one. Who do you want to contact? Your mother, your father? Or maybe a lost love?" Alexandre took the necromancer by the throat and lifted him up in the air, looking in his eyes through the holes in his mask:"Don't ever mention her again, you hear me?" he said camly. "You don't have the right to speak about her."

"I know you loved her very much. Perhaps too much for your own good."

"Love is everything. You don't know because no one ever loved you. I know you felt the same as me. You're just jealous because she loved ME and not YOU."

"I think you're going too far, now, Alexandre. I think we should get to work before things get ugly and we start killing each other. Don't forget this is a holy ground... Aren't you supposed not to fight here? Can't this make your god angry?" sneered Antoine.

"I'd rather not admit it, but I must. You're right." Slowly, not turning his gaze away from him, he put him down softly on the ground. "I'm sorry Antoine, I realize I went too far. And I forgive you for the things you said. I shouldn't have reacted like this to your provocations."

"It's all right. I forgive you too, Alexandre... You always were like this, a little too quick on your feet. Now, why don't we get to work before that big Emmanuelle of yours starts ringing?"

"Just follow me and don't do anything rash or I won't be able to conceal you from the mortals with my powers, got it?"

"I'll be quiet as a corpse..."



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