The Sin Of Lust Part 04: A Wreath Of Roses

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Alexandre meets with a german, demon-hunting Association

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



  While drinking some blood kept in glass containers, coming from small animals like rats and bats, Alexandre began to search for a small piece of paper in one of the many drawers that composed his bookshelves, he thought about Antoine and Anne. Antoine loved Anne maybe as much as he did. He just didn't take the right path to make her love him. Alexandre remembered Anne always said she loved him because he had a goal. Because he had faith in something, a belief. Because he was a good person, also. Altruistic, gentle, gallant, polite, virtuous. And even if his face was horrible to look upon, he was beautiful. Because beauty is more than meets the eye. She always told him he had beautiful blue eyes, and if they didn't close, it was because God thought they were too beautiful to remain hidden. Antoine was envious because she didn't think the same about him. She didn't like him at all. He was sarcastic, cynical, coward... And he was also envious, covetous and selfish. Even if he was more handsome than Alexandre on the outside, his inner self wasn't half what Alexandre's was. He gave her the creeps. Always talking about the dead, about necromancy... About how wonderful death was. She even wondered if he didn't love death a little too much. Alexandre, on the other hand, spoke of life and hope. About how marvelous God's creation was. They were both cursed with vampirism, but they were happy because they didn't care about it. They didn't asked to be like this, but they didn't think about it. Antoine seemed to want being like them; undead. He admired vampirism because of the power it gave. Because for one time he could be strong. For one time, he could make people suffer like they made him suffer. But the only thing he managed to do was more like becoming a lich, keeping his arcane powers, but gaining immortality. His power grew, but not that much. The only thing that changed is that he'd never die of old age, but his body would mummify as time passed. It already began when one was attentive. His face was more skeletal-like than before, he was thinner, his skin was harder, rougher. And now he was mad with revenge. A stupid revenge, that is. His anger now controlled him, and nothing good would come of him now. Only time would tell what he would do. Alexandre would need to be patient.


  Finishing his glass, Alexandre turned away to get another one. It wasn't fresh blood, and despite the fact that he didn't have to drink the blood of mortals as long as he had blood in his haven, it made him weary. The blood of animals wasn't the more nourishing, but old blood was even less than nourishing. He was ashamed to think that it wasn't as good as fresh blood, but he had to face the truth; it was his nature to like the taste of blood. He almost never drank human blood, but now more than ever, he missed it. He would need to think of something fast before he went crazy with hunger. He certainly didn't want to hurt or kill anyone. When he turned back to his searching, here it was, the paper he looked for, right before his eyes. As if the hand of God found it for him. It was old and difficult to read, but in spite of this, Alexandre managed to see the number that was written. It was also written: Der Rosenkranz Dämonenjäger Verband. It was German for: The Rose Wreath Demon-Hunters Association. "I hope this number is still valid. Asking the operator for the phone number of a secret demon hunting association isn't what I call a bright idea." thought Alexandre. He took an amergency quarter from the jar, went to the phone booth and dialed the foreign number. After ringing three times, a masculine voice answered:"Wer ist der König der könige?"(Who is the King of kings?)

Alexandre replied:"Gott im Himmel ist der König der könige."(God in Heaven is the King of kings.)

"Geben Sie Ihre Lage und Ihren Namen bitte an. Einer unseres Agenten wird in der kürzesten Verzögerung mit Ihnen kommunizieren." (Please state your location and your name. One of our agents will communicate with you in the shortest delay.)

"Alexandre Delacroix, Cathedral of Notre-Dame-de-Paris."


  He hung up, returned to the Cathedral and waited, unseen. The Rosenkranz Association was the best demon-hunting team the world ever known. They existed for on single purpose: eliminating any single demon that roamed the world freely. They worked undercover, protecting people from the things they wouldn't understand. If the world knew that demons really existed and acted daily, it would be total chaos. So, in the middle ages, the Church in Germany created this association. They didn't work in pair with the Inquisition or the witch hunters. They were given total independence from the Pope, and became nothing more than a legend to the clergy. But informed people knew better than to trust the clergy... So many things were hidden from them... No wonder they don't remember of the ancient groups they supported in the past.


  An hour later, an aristocratic-looking man approached the Cathedral. He wore a badge with a rose wreath woven on it. "This is my man.", thought Alexandre. He went near the man and whispered to him:"Gott ist allmächtig."(God is almighty)

The man didn't seem to be surprised and simply replied:"Gott ist die Wahrheit."(God is the Truth)

"Meet me at the south bell.", said Alexandre to the man.

Once at the bell, Alexandre became once again visible. The man told him with a German accent:"Tell me who is to be disposed of."

Alexandre told the man all he knew about the two demons and asked:"I need help to get rid of them. Send me a good man, a strong one. One of your best, if not your best."

"This is a really serious matter, indeed. I will send you our best man; Jaheel. He is the best fighter I ever knew. He will be able to track his prey to the ends of the earth if he needs to. He has an unshakable faith, and wields the only two remaining Holy Swords given to men by the Archangel Michael. He will be there by tomorrow evening."

"Thank you very much, you won't be disappointed."

"Aufwiedersehen, mein freund."(Goodbye, my friend)

"Goodbye, may our Holy Quest prevail and the demons fall before the strength of God."

  Alexandre walked a bit around the Cathedral to see if everything was all right. He thought:"I'm growing paranoid with time, but I don't want to take any chance. It is my duty to protect the Lord's creation by any means possible and I won't fail one more time like I did with Anne. I swear to God I will destroy these two demons. All their victims will be avenged, even if I must travel to Hell and back to claim their soul. I'll make you proud of me, Anne." Suddenly, he felt so alone, so desperately alone. Since Anne died, the only one who was with him all the time was God. But his loneliness couldn't be satisfied by God... or by anyone.



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