The Sin Of Lust Part 05: The Hunter

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Demon-tracking through the streets of Paris

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



When he woke up, Alexandre saw a man obviously waiting for him in his haven, sitting on the ground while reading a book. The first thing he thought about was his mask; he always removed it when going to sleep and he never expected someone to enter his haven so easily, so he didn't take any precautions. Realizing his face was uncovered and that his mysterious guest could see it perfectly, he put his mask on his face with great speed and asked, obviously upset:"Who are you and how did you get in here?!"

"My name is Jaheel. I'm the one the Rosenkranz Association sent to help

you with your vermin problem. You're Alexandre if I'm not mistaken?"

Jaheel was a tall, very muscular and truly handsome man. His face was symmetrical, adding to his handsomeness, and his muscles looked like they were sculpted from clay. His skin was light brown and his hair black. He wore a white, sleeveless shirt, brown pants and sandals.

"Yes, you are right. You could at least have waited for me to wake up before entering my haven! You know it's really not polite to enter someone's home without his permission."

"Sorry about this, but I didn't want to stick around the Cathedral wearing swords like this. They would have asked questions, and that I didn't want. And don't worry about me seeing your face. I've seen worse, trust me.You may be the worst your world has to offer, but in Hell, people aren't that beautiful either. But anyway, that doesn't matter. What matters are the demons, right? "

"Yes. The demons. There are two of them. One man and one woman, both working in pair. They sexually abuse and then kill their victims."

"A succubus and an incubus? They chose ME to kill a puny succubus and incubus?"

"Don't get me wrong, here. Someone I know contacted the spirit of the victims, and it was much worse than you think. The two demons are R'Ach'idh and Sa'Mii'ra. Do you know about them?"

"What I know about them? They're lousy bastards, if you ask me. I met them once or twice in the past, when I was much younger. They're not the kind you'd like to meet in a dark alley, well for R'Ach'idh, at least; Sa'Mii'ra is another matter, entirely."

"Why do you say that?", inquired Alexandre.

"Well...You know... To say simply, I'm a man! Looks like you never met her, or you'd know what I'm talking about."

"I'm not that kind of man, to tell you the truth."

"If you say so... And there's something you need to know about them: their victims are always willing for sex. They didn't abuse them, they manipulated them into consenting. They think it's much more fun with their victim's consent than without."

"These bloody bastards.", said Alexandre, furiously."I'll show them how I'M funny when my sword goes through their heart. We'll see who gets the last laugh."

"We're there to ensure it's us."

There was a moment of uncomfortable silence. Then Jaheel asked Alexandre:"So... You're a vampire? You must find it hard to keep the faith when being damned."

"Well you certainly are not afraid of words, my friend. I can't say it's easy, but it's not as hard as you think. Sometimes, you just have to go beyond your nature. It's probably easier for me since I had the faith before becoming a vampire."

"Maybe it would be a good idea for each of us to know our strengths and weaknesses... Let's start with you!"

"I can go unseen to the eyes of mortals and hide about five persons with me. My strength is the equal of ten men, and my skills with my sword are those of 800 years of practice. And my faith serves me as a weapon. And you?"

"Well, I may not be as old and experienced as you, but I'm the best that Rosenkrantz can offer... My swords are two holy relics, given to man by the Archangel Micheal. They are really potent weapons against any fiend be they demons, vampires, evil werewolves, fallen angel and all the other unholy beings that make up this wonderful world of ours. I can also track anyone anywhere in any weather, as long as the tracks are a couple of days fresh. That's how I found you. Not much people wear armored boots these days, huh? Your tracks were easy to recognize and to follow... for me, at least."

"Well that's something useful for our hunt, then. All right, we'd better be going while the night is still young. I don't want to be caught by the sun in the middle of a fight. That's MY weakness. And a troublesome one. What's yours so I can know how to assist you?"

"Well, I can't say I really got one, except that I'm not as strong as you, don't have the same experience as you do with swordplay and die more easily than you do... All the weaknesses a mortal can have."

"I see. Well, you can count on me to watch your back. Just tell me where to go and who to hit, and I'll listen; demon hunting is your business, after all."

Alexandre led Jaheel to the latest scene of the crime. There wasn't anything visible; no tracks, no blood, nothing. Then Jaheel said to Alexandre:"Smells like brimstone. It's faint but I can still smell it."

He then kneeled, rubed his fingers on the ground and added:"There was blood here. And footsteps, too. One man and one woman. R'Ach'idh was here, judging by the residual burning in the footsteps, typical to demons. The rest is just details. We both know what he did and we both know what happened afterwards. I think I can follow those steps. Maybe we'll even meet Sa'Mii'ra along the way, who knows."

"You really are amazing!", said Alexandre."If you can track that well, we're sure to catch them in no time."

"Well, tracking is one thing, but killing them is another matter entirely. To tell you the truth, I really don't know how we'll do it. Not that I doubt about our respective strengths, but we'll need some kind of stratagem to beat them. And a good one."

Alexandre followed Jaheel through the streets of Paris, all the while keeping themselves unseen by mortals. Jaheel was fast on his feet, never slowing down or tiring. Alexandre almost had difficulty following him. He was surprised a mere human could be so fast and so enduring. Jaheel finally stopped in a dead end. Then he began studying the ground and every wall in the vicinity. Alexandre stayed silent, not wanting to break his concentration. After a couple of minutes, Jaheel broke the silence:"They were both here, I know it. It reeks of brimstone, there are demon footsteps everywhere from the scene of the crime to here. They have to be close." Then, after searching some more, he stopped, dead in his tracks."Ah, ha! I knew there had to be something: you see this?", he asked Alexandre, pointing a small glyph on the ground."This is a portal glyph. It means they went away using this and that they must come back using it. It's the place they entered our world from, I'm sure of it. It's difficult enough creating a portal without having to create two. Demons don't have the habit of using two portals for the same use; multiple users need to travel through the same portal to lessen the magical energy consumption. Well... We'll just have to wait for our two friends to come back to us."

"What tells you they WILL come back, that their fun isn't over?"

"Well, you don't know them like I do. Trust me, they'll come back."

"And what am I supposed to do when the sun rises?"

"I saw a manhole near here. I know it isn't the best place to sleep, but we don't really have a choice do we? I'll even accompany you in the sewers to sleep. I like it better down here in the sewer stench, than up here with the reeking brimstone. Demons are nocturnal creatures, so we don't have to worry about losing them. They dislike light and prefer to strike from the shadows, where their dirty business isn't hindered by curious passersby "

So they waited the whole night, without anything happening. They spoke about themselves, about their past life. Alexandre told Jaheel that he passed the last two centuries protecting Notre-Dame and Paris against various evils. He also told him about his 200 years sleep and about his life as a Templar. Jaheel listened more than he talked, seemingly secretive about his past life. "Does he trust me? Maybe his life is top secret... I don't know about the laws in Germany and I know much less about Rosenkrantz's laws.", thought Alexandre. The only thing Alexandre learned is that he fought all of his life and that his swords were

passed from father to son since his most ancient ancestor.

The sun rising, Alexandre and Jaheel went downward in the sewers. It wasn't the most heavenly place he had known, but it'd have to do. "Maybe I'll catch a few rats if I'm lucky...", Alexandre thought aloud. Jaheel told him that when all this would be over, he ought to ask Rosenkrantz about their synthetic blood they created for their rare vampiric agents. As a reward for killing these two demons, he was sure to have plenty of blood to last very long."That would be very good, if it's not too much to ask of them.", answered Alexandre. "I'm getting rather tired of rat blood; taste set aside, it's not as nourishing as it once was. The older I get, the less it satiates my hunger. Synthetic blood may be a good compromise, I think. Thanks for the advice."

"You're welcome. After all, if it wasn't for you, nobody would've warned us. Nobody would've known it was demons who did these murders, until it was too late and the body count was ten times higher than it is. The Rosenkranz Association has agents in many places, but they can't know everything... unfortunately."

Alexandre slept and Jaheel decided to sleep too. It was better for them to be awake at the same time, they decided. Tomorrow evening, they'd resume the hunt, as Jaheel called it. It would be no easy fight, but they were ready. As long as they had faith, they'd be ready. For anything.


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