The Sin Of Lust Part 06: The Beauty and The Beast

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Yet another meeting, but this time with the two demons Alexandre and Jaheel were after... And some revelations about Jaheel, too.

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



  The sun rose and Alexandre fell asleep quickly. Jaheel stayed awake a long time, not able to look elsewhere but in Alexandre's direction. Alexandre's eyes were always open, even as he slept, and Jaheel felt observed as he looked through the eyeholes in the mask."This guy gives me the creeps!" he thought. He looked for a place to sleep where he wouldn't meet Alexandre's sleeping gaze, but it didn't find any, Alexandre leaning on the sewer's wall, seeming to watch everything in the vicinity."Hum, are you sleeping, Alexandre?", Jaheel asked. No answer. He sighted deeply and decided to admit defeat, having nowhere else to go. "That'll be the weirdest day I had in my life, I think...", said Jaheel to himself, before leaning on the wall, to Alexandre's side.


  The two men slept all day long. Even Jaheel, who didn't need that much sleep, decided to take advantage of the situation to oversleep. It was rare enough he had the opportunity to get a good night of sleep, let alone oversleeping. He got used not to sleep much, but when he woke up just before sunset, he felt refreshed like he never had before. Then Alexandre woke up and a few rats later, they were ready to go up in the streets. They waited at the portal site for the demons to show up. "Not to doubt your knowledge about demons, Jaheel, but are you sure they'll come back?", asked Alexandre.

"Oh yes, they will. Don't be worried; every once in a while, demons have to go back to Hell to keep their chosen shape; they have to replenish their energy pool, or mana, if you prefer. In order to do so, a trip to Hell is needed. It takes a long time in Hell to refill this pool, but time here passes much more slowly. A month in Hell equals a day here, so they can take all the time they want. But it isn't all; if they spend all their mana here, well they're stuck. This is why they go back. They can allow a month to pass in Hell in their true guise, but not a month here. Not when they're at their weakest."

"So if I understand, when they come back, they're at their full strength... Lucky us."

"Yeah, lucky us.", sighted Jaheel.


  Alexandre and Jaheel waited in silence, watching the place where the portal would open when activated. Then Alexandre asked Jaheel:"How do you know all this stuff about demons? Is it an obligatory material you have to learn to be a member of Rosenkrantz?"

"Everything I know, my father told me, his father told him and so on. My whole lineage is composed of demon hunters. I didn't became a member of Rosenkrantz, I am a part of it; like the stones of a church. My family founded the Rosenkrantz Association. The name came from the rose wreaths my ancestors sold as a side job; since demon hunting was a rewarding job, but not in the monetary sense of the term, they had to do something for a living. It then became a tradition to give the new members a rose wreath as a welcome present."

"I see... You seem to know a lot about your ancestors, too. I think you're lucky, since I don't even remember my parents. It was so long ago... The only thing I really remember is that they died of dysentry when I was in my twenties. I don't have any bad memories about them, so I guess they were good parents as much as they could."

"My parents are dead, too. In fact, I was adopted and I never knew them. The swords came from the Association, who kept them from anyone until I was old enough to wield them."

And just when Alexandre finally learned something about Jaheel's past, the portal, burning wind coming out of it, with the strong smell of brimstone. The portal looked aflame and it was hard making out what was coming out of it until it closed. The two people who came from the burning portal corresponded the description Jaheel gave to Alexandre. There they were, face to face with the two demons who killed innocent people, alluring them with sex, and then disposing of them like garbage. The man was called R'Ach'idh; he was tall, and muscular. He wore a black smoking with a white shirt and black pants. The look on his face reminded him of a vulture; sinister and grim. He wondered how any woman could get intimate with this man. Maybe it was the gold-brown color of his skin that made him look exotic and more attractive to a certain kind of women... The woman was Sa'Mii'ra; she wasn't tall like R'Ach'idh was. On the contrary, she was small with delicate features. With curves enough to make the most holy man forget about his vow of chastity, she complemented them with a red evening dress, really tight and very, very revealing. Just enough cloth to hide the necessary, but on the verge of being indecent. She alose wore high heels to emphasise her legs and make them look longer. Her skin, like R'Ach'idh's, was gold-brown, and made her look even more sexy. Alexandre found it very difficult not to look at her. Even at ANY part of her.


"I just love to come in this fucking world! You never know what interesting people you're gonna meet.", said R'Ach'idh.

"Try to stay polite in front of our hosts, R'Ach'idh darling. Show you have some savoir-vivre.", Sa'Mii'ra answered.

"So we meet again, huh? I never thought we would.", said Jaheel.

"What do you want, you half-bloodeed bastard?", asked R'Ach'idh to Jaheel."You thought your ass wasn't kicked hard enough, so you decided to look for us to kick it harder?"

"R'Ach'idh, why didn't you tell me the carnival was today, I don't have any costume ready! Why am I the only one to think about these things around here?", mocked Sa'Mii'ra.

"Half-blooded?", inquired Alexandre aloud, not answering to Sa'Mii'ra 's remark.

"Shut up, demoness. Yes, Alexandre, half-blooded. Half-angel, half human. Nephilim, if you prefer. I'd have told you, if these two bozos didn't interrupted us in our conversation.", Jaheel said, resigned.

"Who are you calling bozos? Don't you dare insult us!", raged R'Ach'idh.

"Now, now. Calm down, boys. There's enough of me for both of you!". She approached Jaheel, putting a finger under his chin, caressing his face with her other hand."It's been a while, angel-boy... Where have you been all this time? I missed you, you know. And I know I missed you, too... Why do you still resist your natural urges? Come with me, forget all this... This world isn't made for you. You're worth more than this... You're powerful, use that power for something good... Impress me, for example...", she said, winking.

"Don't touch me, you bitch!", Jaheel said, reluctant to let her go, but pushing back her hands nevertheless.

"Who's your little friend? Why is he costumed like this?", asked R'Ach'idh to Jaheel.

"My name is Alexandre Delacroix, if I may speak for myself. I was beginning to wonder if you forgot my existence. Usually, people ignore me because I want them to. Now is not the case. We are both here to put an end to your killing spree. Prepare yourself to fight.", said Alexandre, convincing.

"You want me to fight him, Sa'Mii'ra?", asked R'Ach'idh.

"I want to see what he's hiding under his mask. What do you have to hide, my strong warrior?", she said, caressing Alexandre's right arm, while taking off the mask with her other hand.

"I wouldn't do this if I were you; it's not a pretty sight.", warned Alexandre.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Don't say such horrible things about yourself- WHAT THE FUCK!!!", said Sa'Mii'ra, dropping the mask to the ground while jumping back. Alexandre caught it just in time before it hit the ground."I warned you.", he said.

"What's the matter, Sa'Mii'ra? Afraid of the bogeyman?", laughed R'Ach'idh."Alright, I must say he's really not what I call a model of beauty... What are you anyway?"

"A vampire, twisted by my undeath. This face is the curse I carry.", Alexandre answered, putting his back his mask.

"A vampire, huh? You ugly, blood-sucking beast. Why did you team-up with angel-boy here?", asked Sa'Mii'ra, looking away from Alexandre, haughtily.

"Because I fight in the name of good, like him and I'm a Holy Templar, a soldier of God."

"He really takes it seriously. We'd better kill him fast, before he gives the wrong example to others of his kind.", R'Ach'idh sneered.

"You're right. And besides, I can't suffer him to live any longer with a face like this. Go ahead, kill him."

"As you wish, babe."


  Jaheel and Alexandre drew their swords. R'Ach'idh attacked with his bare hands, fists clenched. Alexandre dodged his reckless assault and plunged his sword in his guts. Alexandre's sword began to glow red-hot, almost white. R'Ach'idh blood was so hot it almost melted his sword! But he underestimated Alexandre's strength. Jaheel took the opportunity to strike the demon with his two swords at once. He made two deep cuts in his chest. R'Ach'idh looked at the two men, enraged. His wounds healed very quickly, leaving only cuts and burns in his clothes. With a quick step, he went into reach of Alexandre. He grabbed him by the torso, lifted him in the air, and crushed his back on his knee with all his might. A big cracking sound was heard and Alexandre's back took a ninety degrees angle, his ribs tearing through his chest and his armor, so hard was the blow. Sa'Mii'ra smiled, visibly delighted by the violence of the act. Jaheel had fear in his eyes after witnessing such a thing. Seeing Jaheel afraid only made R'Ach'idh ready for another attack, but now he changed his target, preparing to strike at the Nephilim. But before he could make a step, a voice was heard; it was Alexandre's:"Don't you underestimate me, you monster! I've suffered worse wounds in my long existence." Alexandre's body was twisting as he talked, bones growing back inside his ribcage and his spine returning to a normal angle. He then stood up, flexing his back. After sheating his blade so R'Ach'idh's blood won't melt it, he took a fighting stance, clenched his fists and said:"Is that all you've got? Come and get me, big boy!"

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