The Sin Of Lust Part 07: The Final Showdown

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The seventh and last part of this storyline where Alexandre and Jaheel fight against the two demons.

Submitted: November 30, 2007

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Submitted: November 30, 2007



  R'Ach'idh frowned when he saw the fighting stance Alexandre was using, definitely not knowing what kind of fighting it was. He shrugged, thinking:"Whatever. If I can't break his back, then i'll break his head. Try to regenerate this, bastard." But before he, Jaheel or Sa'Mii'ra could lift a finger, Alexandre was all over R'Ach'idh, hitting him with kicks and punches, staying out of reach by kicking or punching while outside R'Ach'idh's attack zone. He also didn't kick with the side of his feet; he kicked with the sole. He knew it wasn't kick-boxing, but what was it? Then Alexandre answered his question:"Never underestimate the use of french savate!" Jaheel laughed at Alexandre's commentary, letting his guard down for only a second or two. It was just enough for Sa'Mii'ra. She moved at amazing incredible speed, hitting Jaheel in the stomach with her fist, smashing him into the wall. "Angel-boy, you and your French freak just ruined our evening. And I really hate it when my evening is wasted.". She then said, sweet as honey:"Now, if you come with me and forget all about this fight, I promise I'll give you something good. Let them fight, and let's go somewhere nice, after what we can have a little good time together... I know you want to. Because I sure do! Let's be together like we once were, you won't regret it, I promise."

"You invitation is more than tempting, but I won't give in to your little game once again, demoness.", Jaheel said, coughing. Getting back up, he lunged at Sa'Mii'ra, slashing at her. She dodged the blow, and it wasn't her skin the swords cut; it was her dress. When she realized what just happened, her expression changed from lavishious smile to wrathful eyes.

"You just ruined my dress! Do you have any idea how much time I waited to have it? And it was unique! I tried to be nice with you, but you asked for it! You want to play rough, huh? Well let's play rough!"

She began attacking Jaheel, clawing the air with precise movements and impressive strength. "There's more to her than meets the eye...", he thought."Let's try not to die."


  Blow after blow, R'Ach'idh grew even more agressive, wich suited Alexandre very well, since he could attack more easily an unthinking foe, than a defensive one. With his iron boots, the hits were even stronger and R'Ach'idh slowly began showing signs of weakness. But the demon wasn't stupid, and after a while, Alexandre realized that he was testing his defenses and getting hit on purpose. R'Ach'idh adapted to Alexandre's fighting, which forced him to adopt a new tactic. French savate fighters didn't fight only with feet and fists; they also fought with a four feet wooden cane. There wasn't any wood near, but a metal pipe could do the job just well. He began swinging the pipe wildly, but with precise control, hitting the legs the torso and the head. Not expecting the fight getting this way, R'Ach'idh began to be nervous:"There's no way I'll be beaten by some french martial art! ", he thought. Alexandre had remembered something since the begining of the fight: if he's hurt, he heals. If he heals, he spends mana. And when all his mana is spent, he won't have the choice but to return to Hell. He just hoped Jaheel had the situation in control with Sa'Mii'ra.


  Sa'Mii'ra was mad. She fought like a lioness, diggin her claws in Jaheel. She didn't seem to fear the holy swords he was fighting with, even if he hit her many times, she continued fighting with ardor. He tried not to be distracted by her lack of dress, his swords having destroyed the major part of it. He found it difficult, but it was even more difficult to ignore the pain her claws caused him. So he decided to concentrate on pain. "Seems like the whole body can be used as a weapon!", he thought. Another moment of distraction from Jaheel, and another chance for Sa'Mii'ra to take advantage of an opening. She grabbed Jaheel's right arm, twisted it while getting behind him, and bent it upward, breaking it. Jaheel screamed in pain and dropped his right hand sword. Sa'Mii'ra kicked him the back, cutting his breath. As he fell to the ground, the demoness reached for his dropped sword. The moment she touched it, however, she let a scream of pain as the sword burned her hand with holy fire. She thought it was a better idea to finish him off another way, and she dropped the sword, angry at her reckless reaction that was picking up the holy sword. But Jaheel wasn't dead yet, and as long as he was alive, he wouldn't lie down before a demoness like he once did. So he got back on his feet, his right arm useless and his breath short. He concentrated for a second, closing his eyes and praying God for help. He opened his eyes and threw his remaining sword at Sa'Mii'ra. It was all or nothing. If he hit her, it was all right, but otherwise, he'd be in trouble, unarmed. Unfortunately for him, he didn't know the savate like Alexandre. Sa'Mii'ra tried to dodge as hard as she could, but it was as if the sword was homing and aiming at her heart. It pierced not only her heart, but it went right through her. She screamed in agony, and tried to remove the sword that was stuck in her heart. She grabbed the pommel with both hands, her wound and her hands smoking. When she removed it at last, she yelled to R'Ach'idh:"Playtime's over! We're going back home, now! Say goodbye to your little friend." R'Ach'idh was badly wounded and he realized that. He didn't think he could beat the both of them alone, in his condition. "Next time, I'll be prepared and I'll crush that little rotten heart of yours." Sa'Mii'ra opened the portal to Hell, and they both jumped in it, leaving the two holy warriors alone and wounded. They heard police sirens coming close and decided to go back to the sewers before the police arrives.


  Once safe, Alexandre said to Jaheel:"Let me see your arm, my friend. You fought well, but you took some serious blows..." Alexandre frowned inside his mask, so Jaheel didn't see the expression on his face. He continued:"I've seen worse, but you need medical attention, and fast. Your bleeding is bad and your arm is broken. You won't survive the night if we don't do something."

"Hold your horses, man! No need to panick. Just take my watch, remove the back lid and press the button inside. It's an emergency button to call Rosenkrantz. They'll localize me and send a rescue team in less than an hour, all over the world, guaranteed... or so they say. I never actually needed to use it yet.", said Jaheel.

Alexandre removed the seal engraved with the emblem of Rosenkrantz and pressed the little red button. The dial lit up, as if it aknowledged the call. Alexandre looked at the time. Seven o'clock. The fight was short, but seemed to take a long time. They fought well, and they made their name in Hell. Now demons would know them as those who almost killed R'Ach'idh and Sa'Mii'ra. Some would fear them, but other would try to harm them. The king and queen of mischief would come back prepared, next time. Alexandre and Jaheel would need to be too, if they didn't want to suffer the same fate they made them suffer.


  An hour later, a team dressed like sewer workers went down in the sewers. Alexandre hid Jaheel with him, waiting to see who they were. Then a woman said:"Wir werden von Rosenkrantz geschickt! Folgen Sie uns zur Oberfläche und in den Lastwagen, wir werden Sie sicher irgendwo nehmen! bleiben Sie versteckt, die Polizei ist immer noch nah. (We were sent by Rosenkrantz! Follow us to the surface and into the truck, we will take you somewhere safe! Stay hidden, the police is still near.)" Alexandre and Jaheel did as they asked. Once in the truck, they traveled through the city, in the direction of the Hôtel-Dieu Hospital, near the Cathedral of Notre-Dame. Before arriving, a man and a woman changed their sewer worker clothes with ambulance man and woman clothes. They stopped the truck one street before the hospital, the man and woman went away, returning a couple of minutes later with an ambulance. They took Jaheel, transferred him in the ambulance, and took him to the Hôtel-Dieu, leaving Alexandre alone with the drivers. They made him know that they'd travel to Germany and that he'd be rewarded here for the work he did with Jaheel. They also told him that Jheel would be transferred to Germany as soon as his wounds made it possible. They knew of his nature, because they gave him pouches of synthetic blood to feed upon, like the ones used for keeping transfusion blood. Accepting wholeheartedly, he asked for a glass and fed like he didn't feed for a long time. It felt good, and the taste wasn't that bad either. Well at least it was better than rat's blood. When he finished feeding, he lounged on the free seats and enjoyed the thought of a job well done. "Even if they went away, at least we hurt them more than they hurt us.", he said to himself. All there was left was a little trip to Germany, maybe staying for a couple of days... After resting a little, he'd come back to Notre-Dame and begin his search for unholy trouble again, if it didn't find ihm first. "But first, a good day of sleep will be really appreciated... If only Anne would be by my side, my eyes not closing wouldn't be so bad, since I could see her even in my sleep.




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