Home, a Oneshot

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Katherine is an orphan. She can live in a house but it's never her home. Will she find it in Martin?

April 12, 1998 4:58 PM

Katherine sat down on the soft, green grass on the cliff. She turned 12 today and she lost her parents five years ago. They had to die on her birthday. She couldn't help but laugh at the irony of it. She was an orphan and she lived in an orphanage with Mrs. Luzano and all the other orphans in town. None of the children were nice to her and the food at the orphanage sucked. Her life was comparable to hell. Hell just because of a stupid car accident. She can still remember it. It's like a phone playing a recorded video of it over and over and you can't do anything to stop it. It was almost midnight then. Her parents were in the car and she was feigning sleep on the backseat. Her mother, Amanda, was driving while her father, David, was on the passenger's seat. They were fighting. They were screaming at each other about David's vices. He always kept drinking alcohol in nightclubs and coming home smelling like girls and just a few minutes before, Amanda caught him red-handed. As she was driving home after watching a late movie with Katherine, she saw David come out of a nightclub running his hands over some blonde slut. Amanda wound up stopping the car in the middle of the road, stomping towards David while muttering a string of curses, grabbing him by the arm and towing him toward the car. When he finally realized what was going on, they were already halfway home. That was when they started shouting. After a few minutes of that, Katherine suddenly spoke up, begging her parents to stop since it was her birthday, and they did stop—in shock. It was as though they forgot that they weren't alone in the car because they were so immersed in fighting. Amanda slowly turned her head to look at Katherine and stared—while the car was still running. That was when they crashed. No one screamed because no one expected it to happen. One moment, Katherine and Amanda were just looking into each other's eyes and the next, there were rods stuck into Amanda and David's bodies. At first, it made no sense to Katherine but then it finally sank into her. Her car clashed with a truck that carried hundreds of steel rods—probably for a construction site—and that nothing can be done to take back the lives of her parents. She didn't cry. She just sat there and waited. She didn't wait for help; no one could help her now. She didn't wait for love; she knew that God still loved her. She didn't wait for pity; she didn't want it. No, she waited for a sense of belonging—home; the one she just lost.

Katherine stopped her train of thought. She looked at her watch and saw that 30 minutes have passed. It was sunset. It was beautiful. Plus, the cliff added an effect. She looked at the bench behind her, got up and sat there to get a better view of the sunset. The bench was old. It was simple yet so beautiful. The bench was surrounded by green grass and flowers of all kinds—freesia, rose lilac, ivy and so much else. It was made of wood but there was a dedication was embedded in brass. The dedication on it read "For you, my love, nothing is impossible". Katherine always loved this bench. She never paid mind to those words, though. She didn't understand love. She was just a child. Her mother, on the other hand, paid very much attention to it the first time she saw it. She though that whoever made it was the sweetest person ever—next to David, that is. Well, whoever that person is, is totally unknown. Katherine doubted that he was still alive. David once told her that this wonderful place was found by his grandfather's, grandfather's grandfather and that ever since, they've been holding occasions here and taking care of it. It won Amanda's heart when David brought her here. They married there the next year. Things were going great that time. David's vices started just recently. When it did, Amanda almost threw herself off the cliff but remembered that she wouldn't even get a scratch if she jumped off a thousand times. The reason behind this is that there is only more grass below. Besides, it would only ba a two-meter fall. Katherine remembered that she fake-fell during her fifth birthday and that her parents thought she died. It was a big surprise for them when she didn't come back to them with her feet inches from the ground. She absentmindedly smiled at that memory.

Katherine came back to her present and witnessed the last few seconds of the sunset. Gradually, it went dark. Katherine closed her eyes and for that moment, she sensed only the intoxicating smell of the flowers and the smooth wood under her fingertips. After she opened her eyes, she determinedly stood and walked from the cliff. She had to return to that hell of an orphanage. She had to return to Mrs. Luzano who surely has a hundred of chores lined up just for her. She has to return to all those kids who bully her. She has to return to the pile of homework she has to finish. She would have been given all the bad luck and misery in the world but she still won't have the one thing she's been waiting for since her parents died—a sense of belonging.

May 16, 2007 9:36 AM

Katherine Santos threw the ball back to the kids—hard. It hit one of them in the face.

"Oh, that must've hurt. Poor kid." she said smugly.

Katherine was 20 years old. She was still an orphan but she didn't live at the orphanage anymore. She was staying at the apartment of her friend at the University. She was on her way to work. She worked regularly as a cashier at McDonald's and after, she attended night class at the State University. She didn't have classes that day. At that moment, she was wearing a white shirt, skinny jeans, a scarf and sneakers. She had a cup of coffee in one hand and her bag in another. She was running fast, trying her best not to bump into anyone but her best just wasn't enough. She ended up bumping into a man and spilling her coffee all over his shirt.

She gasped and her widened. She didn't dare look at the guy. It was literally all over his shirt. Katherine just stared at the ground and said "I'm sorry" repeatedly. She looked pretty cute, with her hands behind her back and her feet rooted to the spot. She only stopped saying that she was sorry when she heard the guy say her name.

"Katherine?" he said, louder this time. If Katherine wasn't overly curious, she would've ran, thinking that this man who knew her might make her pay for his ruined shirt but she was curious, so instead, she looked up and saw a handsome face. Well, she recognized that handsome face.

"Martin? Martin Luzano?" Katherine's eyes were wide as they took in Martin. It had been seven years since they last saw each other. He had blonde hair and hazel eyes. He's not as skinny as before. Martin was the son of Mrs. Luzano. They left the orphanage so that Mrs. Luzano could make Martin attend some fancy private school. Martin and Katherine were the best of friends.

"Yeah. How're you doing? Been a long time, hasn't it?" he said. His smile radiated happiness.

"I'm fine." Katherine said, laughing. "What have you been doing? You're not so skinny anymore."

"I've been putting in a lot of muscle; eating lots of protein." he boasted "Anyway, I'm staying here for good. I arrived last week. Want to have early lunch or something? I really want to talk to you". He looked hopeful.

"I can't. I'm really sorry but I can't. I'm already running late for work" Katherine mumbled.

"Oh, you have work! Well, in that case, I am supposed to be the one who's sorry" he said apologetically. "What about dinner? Please?" he said. All that was left for him to do was to get on his knees and beg.

"Okay" Katherine said. "Here's my number" she said, while writing her mobile number on a piece of paper. When she gave it to Martin she said "Pick me up at six!" and ran towards the McDonald's in which she worked, leaving Martin clutching the tiny piece of paper containing her number, grinning.

The door bell rang.

Katherine was just checking if her shoes were all right and if her lips had enough red on them. She looked at herself one more time in the mirror. She was wearing a black dress. It was simple. She paired it with brown pumps. She took a deep breath and headed for the door. When she opened it she saw Martin. He was even prettier than he looked before. He was wearing leather pants and a green shirt under a tan sweater. His clothes were form fitting. Katherine felt her own jaw drop.

"Hey. You ready?" he asked with a smile. Actually, his smile seemed more of a smirk.

"Yeah, yeah. Come on." Katherine muttered as she closed the door and locked it. Martin took her hand and led her down the porch. Katherine received a shock when she laid her eyes on his car. It was a shiny red BMW. She expected a secondhand car. Well, she was proved wrong.

"This is your car?" she said while laughing. "I can't believe this. It might as well have been a Ferrari."

"Just get in the car." Martin said as he rolled his eyes.

"I can't believe you made me finish that sundae! My stomach's too full." Katherine said, laughing out loud with Martin. They were in Martin's BMW, going home. They had gone to a movie, and after, they had dinner.

"It was for your own good. You're too thin for your own good." he said. Katherine sighed at this.

"You're not fair at all." Katherine said, pouting.

"You're so cute when you do that." Martin said. Katherine stuck her tongue out at him and didn't say anything. The silence continued but it was a silence that they both enjoyed. It was a time in which they could just take pleasure in the wind coming in from the open windows and the music playing; when they could think about all that happened.

The BMW stopped in front of Katherine's house. They looked at each other and said "I had a great time" in unison. They both laughed. Katherine didn't expect the next moment. It was supposed to be a date between friends.

Martin looked into her eyes and moved his head until it was only inches away from Katherine's.

"Would it be all right if I do… this?" he asked before he closed the distance between them. The kiss—it was like magic. It felt so natural. It didn't feel awkward like all the other kisses Katherine has had. When they stopped, they had to hold each other, to confirm that the other was there, that they weren't dreaming all that was happening. At that moment, as they held each other, Katherine felt as if they belonged to each other. It was as if the whole time, they had been waiting for that kiss to tell them that they were meant for each other. It was what she was always waiting for. It was home.

Submitted: April 06, 2010

© Copyright 2021 noxiouscherries. All rights reserved.

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Aw, I always love these kinds of stories! So sweet!

That wreck was really sad; I feel bad for Katherine. And then she was bullied and hated at the orphanage. I would absolutely hate that.

Martin seems sweet to her, and I'm glad that Katherine finally knew where she belonged.

Good job!

Tue, April 6th, 2010 9:22pm


Thanks! I appreciate your comment. :D

Tue, April 6th, 2010 8:20pm

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