Estranged Bird

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Sometimes life kicks you into a corner and you suddenly become 'estranged' to your surroundings... then you just left with some decisions to make, give up or soar...

In house full of laughter and joy
Sits a beautiful bird ensnared in utter bondage

Day in, day out
The sun rises and then sets again.

Some days it's different
The gold fish and the hampster make it feel like home.
Conversating, playing but it'll never be the same.

It is fed with the finest foods
Clothed in the brightest and warmest robes for when winter comes.

Day in, day out
The sun rises and then sets again.

Through the thick bars it is excited by what it sees.
Trees, flowers, stars, moon and so much more.

The thought of soaring in the bright blue skies
Ignites excitement, ensuing the wings to flap.

The curtain is closed and all remains in just dreams yet again.

Day in, day out
The sun rises and then sets again

It sings beautiful melodies
Brightening someones day
Giving someone new hope
Encouraging a soul
And sharing experiences only heard of in dream land.


When night time draws closer
The stars begin to tell a story

About a bird overflowing with life
With a constant pretence of happiness
A loud voice saying 'its k, it'll get better'
It doesn't want to disappoint
But too many tears have been held back.
The tables have been turned
Someone needs to do the singing now...

Day in..
It's time for the sun to rise

It's time for the estranged bird to spread it's wings and soar...

Submitted: August 06, 2010

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