Bottom of the Barrel

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I wrote this poem give inspiration to those who feel like they have nothing left. Like everything they do is wrong and that nothing can go their way. In our lives, there will be moments where things will not go according to plan. It is up to you to dig deep and find what inner strength you have left to go that extra mile.

Submitted: February 21, 2014

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Submitted: February 21, 2014



You walked forward into the wind

It laughed at you and pushed you down

You held the door for a lady when she was walking in

And she didn’t even acknowledge that you were around

You took the gentlemen’s order with great care

He harassed you and called you names

A classmate tried to cheat off you with an obvious stare

The teacher caught you and you took the blame

You don’t mind the kick-me sign on your back

You feel like you have nothing left to give

The smile you put on is all an act

You feel like there is no reason to live

But the day is far from over and you have no idea yet

There is strength that is still in you and it’s all that you have left

So dig deep within yourself and find the reason that you were given

To climb up at of the ashes and keep on fighting until you have broken out of your prison

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