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A day with a different experience!!

Submitted: September 25, 2017

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Submitted: September 25, 2017



Get together is a wonderful word within which you find an excitement, so much of happiness and at the end of the day a plenty of mesmerizing memories you get.

For the past 20 years, I have attended many such events. A reunion of school friends, get together with family members of staffs of my parents'offices, birthday parties, marriage functions, get together with close relatives, a tour with cousins, hangouts with best friends. All those events were splendid. It filled with food and fun, and obviously too many selfies.

But, two days back I have gone through a different experience. A get together with few aunties, my amma's friends at her office. They have decided to take a relaxation from their past 22years of Govt. service. In between the dusty files and confusing calculations, they talked about their family, their children, they ridiculously laughed at their problems with a peculiar humor sense. But they forget to enjoy themselves out of all their responsibilities or all those files. And then one day they decided to spent few hours for themselves, "a lunch.., a movie... " after their work at saturday because it was half day working for them on saturdays. I didn't want to go with them but I know my mother is not going to watch a movie or get a delicious lunch without me. I didn't want her to miss that day. So I went when she asked me to come with them though I was less interested in it.

I waited infront of their bank. As soon as they saw me, they came to me and hugged me.. held my hands, asked me if i was fine.. asked me about my college life, studies, tour.... and then scolded me for becoming thinner and thinner day by day. I remember those days when I was a child I used to visit amma's bank whenever I get a vacation, I used to get into their cabins, their seats, ...I used to play with the files, ink pots, tokens, punching machines, typewritters.. and I used to get a pocket full of chocolates.

As everybody was hungry, they decided to go to the nearest hotel, "The Statue hotel". Their priorities were good food n a peaceful place... they didn't want to visit a pizza Hut or KFC for a charming get together. They asked me to order whatever I want, as much as I want. I found them talking about the flavours, tastes of each food we ordered. They talked only about such things.But it seemed it was their happy thoughts to be shared. Suddenely, I found one of the aunties looked worried. Few minutes back her son called her and told that he was not feeling well. I found her finishing up the lunch quickly. She didn't want to come for the movie and she left. Her son had met with an accident last week and she was worried about him.

Next was movie. They wanted to see a Lal Jose film, it doesn't matter if it is a big hit or a blockbuster movie. I knew about the reviews of the film. I didn't want to go for it .But they wished to see it, so i went with them for the movie. During the interval, they decided to eat popcorns but it wasn't available there. Somebody bought packets of lays.None of them wanted to eat it. Some of them put their packets into their bags and said "I would give to my children" . Few of them gave their packets to me. It was an average movie. But still they seem to enjoy it. After all it was a great relaxation from their weary life in the kitchen or inside the cabbins. As soon as we exited the theatre, they called the aunty who had left before and asked if her son was fine and made sure that he was.

They didn't say goodbye. They said "it was all cool today". They didin't talk anything more, they didn't eat anything special, and they saw an average movie but their happiness was too much. They didn't mind to takes selfies. They kept that moments straight into their hearts, not into the SD cards of their smart phones.

That day was amazing. A get together with mothers,the working women. May be after 10years or 20years from now I would be one among them, you would be one among them. Our lives will change. We will find what is exhaustion. We will endure a busy life. We would search for happiness. We would search for time with our close ones. So, once in a while, take your parents for a hangout.."a lunch... a movie" will be enough for them.

The time spent with them is no less worth, I promise.

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