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Being far away from home, college-hostel life!!

Submitted: December 11, 2016

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Submitted: December 11, 2016



Some days, you have to live hard. You don't have to wake up from a good sleep. You don't have to get scolding from your mama. You don't have to make tea for your brother. You don't have to search for your papa's spectacles. You don't have to play with your cat. You don't have to listen to your favourite music. You don't have to watch your favourite movie. You don't have to chat with your best friend. You don't have to clean your room. You don't have to drink coffee. You don't have to read good books. You don't have to lookafter your small garden. You don't have to sit at the varandha. You don't have to enjoy the rain. You don't have to wait for your mama's food. You don't have to set the alarms. You don't have to hug ur mama tightly and get a good sleep.

Nevertheless, you don't have to write about what you feel.

But some days, you have to live hard. You have to take up the role you have been given . Because you are "duty-bound" now. You have to wake up from someone else's alarm, may be at some irregular time, may be at 2 or 3 or even at 1am. You have to wake up from a bad sleep or even from an unconscious sleep. You have to sharpen your eosin to scribble up your thoughts. You have to start preparing about something that you aren't familiar with, to present the same ,infront of your classmates and mentor. You have to start searching for your colour pencils to colour the hardest pictures of your imaginations. You have to write harder copies that have been imposed on you for your smallest mistakes. You have to wait behind many to get your food. You have to get yourself ready before driver uncle's horn. You have to jungle up things you have been doing, for the time being. You have to run hard to get the safest seat in your class . You have to forget about tea breaks for yet another submission. You have to get confused with words. You have to sleep with your eyes open. You have to prefer lunch breaks rather than lunch to present somthing confidently. You have to dissect your emotions to know who u really are ,from inside.You have to make sure that you get a seat in your bus to relax for a while. You have to spent your lovely time with your friends. You have to adapt yourself for many people's thoughts. You have to wait for your mama's call. You have to do many a things. And before you go back to your unconscious sleep you have to set your alarm just to wake up from someone else's, to do the same things you have been doing because all these have now become parts of your routine.

Yes, some days, you have to live hard, not to make your life harder but to make your harder days easier. You have to live with a different smile and different perspective just to conquer many hearts which love to live despite knowing that their days are harder.



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