sorrows of the old

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owen has always seen things, but never understood them. something dark awakens him to the world around him. how will his life play out when he realizes it isnt his life he is living?

PS:this story switches viewpoints between owen, and another main character whose name i will not tell in this summary. want to find out? read the story

Submitted: January 04, 2014

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Submitted: January 04, 2014



owen is the type of person you'd notice when you walked by him. not because he stood out in the crowd, or because he was dressed ever so brightly in clothes that tended to mesmerize and capture the attention of most citizens. you would notice him because he was quite. the type of person that keeps his head down and his black, off-brand hoodie, which he bought at a garage sale just two years before when his parents declined to buy him one that he had prefered, draped over his long dark hair that covered his eyes. one could say his hair covered them because they held pain. one could say that he hid them because the thought of people looking into his eyes made hime very unnerved, as if they were looking straight through him, into his soul.

you would notice this man, age of only seventeen, as i did walking through the streets of that busy new jersey street one day, and wonder to yourself, what exactly happened to this poor child to make him so conceeded. you might even feel so sorry that a tug of pity pulled you to him, in some sort of magnetic feild of empathy and lonleiness, you are forcefully dragged to him. maybe you noticed him and, just as i did, saw yourself, and felt as if this person might understand you. i found myslef following this person for a while. he seemed as if he should be in school, but never turned down the street in which the closest school lie, filled with other teens and children, most likely, much like the one i am following right now. parading around, socializing, and dealing with the everyday so called "stress" and drama of the ever infamous high school. 


On this very day I had no idea why exactly i decided to follow this boy, which i wish i hadn't now, to whoever his destination had been. We walked at a steady pace, me sticking behind him a good bit as to avoid being seen. It would be a very bad thing if the boy knew i was following him, he would surely get the wrong idea and and take measures upon my actions. thinking i was skillfull enough not to have been seen, although it seemed as i had been noticed long ago. The boy rounded the corner of an old brick building covered with mildew stains and a slight bit of lime deposits and slipped into an alleyway. The building opposite to the stained brick building was one I recognized as an old auto company. It was a repair shop the size of a shopping mall, to what seemed to me like a fairly large space to repair cars and automobiles. He stopped in the middle of the alley and pulled out what looked like a key, but I soon later realized it wasn't. He pushed it into the Crete's between the door and the frame, pulled back on it and snaped the door open. What was it that made me follow this man into the alley and through that door? What was it that I found so interest in about him that i skipped going to work today to tail a teen across new Jersey? I still couldn't answer that question today, but I can tell you it changed everything. The door was still slightly ajar so I easily pressed on it to force it open. Taking a quick peek I noticed that the placed seemed empty aside from a few machines and old parts from older cars. the boy i followed into that place seemed nowhere to be found. i peered around the door to see if he was hiding behind it, but he was not there. he must have noticed me, he is hiding somewhere in this place. i did the only thing i could realy thing of at the time, and walked in through the doorway. as i pushed the door open a little more, there began to fester a feeling of dread, and uncertainty in my lower stomach. this place had a very bad feeling, and i began to woner why anyone in their right mind would want to come here in the first place at all.

but never the less, i steeled myself and paced on, until i stood in the middle of the old factory. i spun around completely, and took in my surrondings. it was a desolate place, with stained windows at least a hundred meters up along every wall. they allowed very little light to penetrate them, so the dark grey stone of the walls looked even darker, but things seemed to be quite visible. i could see all of the debree and shards of scrap metal lying on the floor from what i assumed was the product of the work the employees had previously done. i am not exactly sure how long this place had been abandon but in the last four years i have lived in new jersey, it has never been oporational. ive drove by this place a few time to visit an old freind but nothing more than that. not a sound echoed through the place, it was utter silence. this boy must have been very good at hiding for it was an empty place aside from a few large machines, but even they were not large enough to hide his body frame. i thought and thought about where he could have gone, and after a minute or two of wondering i finally found a symbol on the wall, strangely imediatily next to the door i had come through. how had i not noticed it before? i dont know. but i noticed it now. it was stranged and seemed like the work of someone highly intellegent. i had seen something like it before in movies but never like this. it was a large circle, in that, another smaller circle with very complicated symbols and designes inside of the entire thing. strangest thing about it was that it was simmering, as if it had been burned straight into the stone a few moments ago, but it was completely cold to the touch. unatrualy freezing in fact, i was beginning to become scared, but also intrigued. i couldnt help but try to figure out what this circle meant, or what it does.

i took in the sight and tried to remember what i might know about it. after all, i had graduated from sothern usiversity, i should have remembered something about this. i had seen things similar in my textbooks on history, and science. a transmutation circle, that was it. i remember now. they were used in different practices, mostly alchemy, and at first glance they could be mistaken for a demonic or stanic symbole. these were misunderstood symbological circles, often confused for use in witchcraft and sorcery in the fifthteenth century. though what i could not understand why it would be here, and who had etched it into the wall. the symbol was deeply cut into the stone by something. by what, i could not say. once i had registerd what i had seen i realized that i was following that boy, and thought after, did he have anything to do with this? surely not, for the writings about these types of things were fictional. as anyone in their right mind would know that sorcery, magic and transmutations was far beyond the realm of i thought at the time. i was baffeled, and had no clear answere for what was going on or where that boy had went. all i could do was leave. i turned from the circle, and peered at the door just a few feet to my left, and hesitated. i wanted to stay and find out more about this. because if indeed, the boy had done this, and this had something to do with his disappearance, then i needed answeres.

i reluctantly took one step towards the door, but was stopped imedatly. was what i was seeing real, was i dreaming, was this some sort of act of stupor my brain was playing on me to feed the imagination that had for some reason ran ammouck the past few seconds. no, it wasnt, it was all too real. as i took that step, the circle began to glow a bright blue, arcing electricity, energy of some kind, arced from the outer largest circle. i had, and still have no words for what happened next. the light eminating from the circle grew to such an intensity that the specific lines and definition of the circle itself were marked out by the glow, leaving nothing but a hole of blue energy. i took a few steps back in fear, and half a step forward in curiousity. i stared at the middle of that hole and watched, as the boy in the hood steped out onto the cement floor of the abandoned building. my mouth was agape and my body was so stuned with aw i could not move from the spot i was standing. the boy pulled his entire body out of the circle and took a single knee to the floor, gasping for air. what had happened? was this a dream? a nightmare? no.....i felt too calm, too awake and alive with fear to believe it anything but reality. the boy stood straight and peered at me, with such anger and malice, i thought he might have stricken me down. what had i done to upset him? did i just see something i was not supposed to see? would this be the end of me? no, no it was not. it was only the begining of my real life for what happened next was both surprising and frightening. the boy's face was caked with blood on the left side, as well as his left hand. in its grasp was a strange. and mesmerizing sword of what looked to be made of glass. its blade arched into a point from the hilt, which was unbelievbly, directly attached to his hand. the blade held a shimering rainbow of color on its left side, and a depressing shade of black on the right side. who was he? what was he?


"who are you and why can you see me?" was the only words out of the boys mouth. what an odd question.


All I could do was stand there and stare at him. What kind of question was it that he had just asked me? Was i not suposed to be able to see him? Was i not supposed see him, was there something wrong with seeing him? The boy was tall and slender, but had a muscle mass that someone could fear. His expression was cold and unwavering, his dead eyes hazed with what seemed like malice or anger. He had a tatoo running along the underside of his wrist and snaked to the leftmost part of his right arm until it disappeared into the shadow of his sleeve. the tattoo glowed ever so slightly in the dark shadow his sleeve casted over his arm. he keept his gaze fixed on me with a sense of wonder butthe emotion on his face, if there was any that i could name, was calm and unwavering. "did you hear me?" the boy said once more. i could find no words to respond to him. my breath was frozen in my chest and i let out a deep sigh that i hadn't realized i had been holding at first. "i....." i managed to stutter a single word, a single letter, the kid pressed the edge of the knife against my throat and my body tensed. i knew if i moved the blade would cut me, if not then im sure the boy would most certaintly slice my neck open. i kept as still as possible, though my body was still trembeling from a massive surge of tremours that ran up and down my spine. "ill give you ten seconds to answere me with a full sentence then i leave you with whatever comes out of that protal. and i promise you it wont be pretty at all," he warned. i had the feeling he was being very serious. but what could he possibly mean? what kind of creature could make someone of his stature want to make haste from this place? it must be something of terrible tenacity.

"i saw you and flollowed you here. what was that thing you just.....appeared out of" i asked. finally mustering up enough courage to form a full sentence. "if you live long enough ill find you and tell you. but for right now we have both got to get out of he...." he stopped mid sentence and turned as the portal he had come out of began to glow again. "shit. i cant close it. stand up and get ready to run," he crouched and readied his blade in front of him.

i had was nervous. if something could cause THIS kind of man worried, then it must be terrible. The portal shifted a little, and turned white. Something emergerd from it. Something that looked like a cross between a clawed reptilian and a human hand. The figure seemed to pour out from as if it were a thick oil being poured down the wall. What came out next even more terrifying than i had thought. It was a large scaley figure, no less than eight feet tall. Its body was bugly and covered in sores and open wounds. The head ran to a stalky neck with visible veins protruding from the scaley human like skin. The head was a mix of a lizzard and a bats, the snout was just as horrible as the rest of it. It was pink like the color of muscle, and looked more like a giant sore rather than an actual part of its body. "Damnit! Well the right thing to do would be to keep you safe so here." The boy flipped the knife around and jabbed the handle into my chest. "You want me to take it?!" Shock crept through my body and i could do nothing. The beastly thing standing just a few feet from us let out a tremendous war cry, and produced a curved blade form a leather sheeth i had not seen hanging from his waist. The sword was just as scary as he was. It was massive, and fit for a monster his size. The blade side was not straight. Instead it was carved with small teeth all throughout the edge until it reached the end. The tip of the blade curved inward, and came to a hook like shape. I snatched the blade from him, its colde handle offered me a bit of relief. I felt slightly more protected with it.

"Move your ass!" the boy yelled. i hadn't had time to react to what was happening. The creature bounded toward us with ferocious speed. the boy, with some inhumane agility and speed, leapt into the air straight over the monster as it passed. my instincts took over and i rolled to the left, hoping it was far enough to clear the path of the thing that seemed to want nothing more than to tear us to pieces. what has happened to me? what have i gotten into? there was no time to question. no time to worry about all of that now. I had to focus on staying alive for now. I had to stay alive. the pulse of my heart filled my ears and all i could do was focus on the beat. the monster came to a skidding stop, and turned a glaring eye at me. wait....only one eye. I hadnt even seen it but the boy must have taken out one of its eyes just now. the left eye was gone, and a stream of purple liquid ran down its face just under the missing eye. Some kind of impulse came over me, and for a split second, the idea to attack crossed my mind. Could I? Should I? I cant just stand here. Im closer to it now and if it charges again, its gonna hit me first. Before a decision could be made, I saw a stream of bright blue light that looked like neon to my right. I jerked to the side as the beam flew by my head and watched as it caught the monster in it face. It let out a loud howl and dropped its weapon to clutch its face in agony. A searing cloud of smoke was pouring out from behind its clawlike hands. I have to try. I readied my blade in my right hand and sprinted towards the creature. with all my might and a loud yell, I leapt and drove the blade into its chest. pushing all of my weight back down, I forced open a gash from the middle of its chest to its lower stomach and stumbled back as I felt my feet hit the ground. "Nice one! even for a mortal!" The kid ran past me, and drove and solid kick to its hands that were covering its face, knocking it off balance and onto its back. "It should be dead it a few minutes. we should leave before then." the kid sheathed his blade and held out his hand. "My knife back, now." I shakily handed over the blade. "we?" I asked. "Oh yeah. I can't let you leave. You saw me, you saw that thing, which means you've got to be slightly special right?" what was he saying? "I....I don't know" stuttering and shaking I managed to form some words. "well consider yourself lucky you didn't die. Also that yove killed a outworlder. not many people have ever done that without any training. Your the first i know of anyway. But you got lucky. It won't happen again so if you value your pitiful existance as a human being i suggest you come with me"





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