Pale Broken Wings

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You're happy where you are but people want you to fly. You try and try, but for them not yourself, so you fail. Learn to do things for yourself because only then will you be able to swim in that eternite sea of sky.

A/N: I honestly don't know what I' talking about here. I just compiled a bunch of lines that were on my mind so if it doesn't make sense, it's ok. I don't get it either. And I wrote it. Random poem is random.

Submitted: November 19, 2012

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Submitted: November 19, 2012



Pale Broken Wings

Oh Little Bird,

With your pale broken wings,

you're just a little tired

From the sky which is too blue.

You're learning to fly,

Not for yourself, but others.

Don't do it for anyone else,

Just for yourself


The hollowness of your words are heard,

Your feelings hidden deep within.

Is it ok just to bury them? I still don't know

At least within your dreams

Youcan fly freely

Even if there isn't anywhere elselike that,

Even if everything until now is forgotten,

Even if you can't face tomorrow...


Oh Little Bird,

With your pale broken wings,

You're just a little tired

From the sky which is too blue

The peacefulness of inferiority won't come true so simply.

Settling above your self consciousness;

You cry for help,

Straining your lungs, trying to call dirtied love.


However, it's so frustrating.

As time is passing

Your wounds are cursed

Your scabs are changed

You haven't satisfied anyone.

So beautiful yet so short lived,

That hope and love that filled the emptiness.

It's gone, like a blown-out candle.


But after the scabs fall off

Just like the newer, shorter hair near the scar

You learn to do things for yourself;

You learn to fly on your own;

You're independent and free

From the limits and expectation

Like gravity that kept pulling you

Back to the ground, every time.


Well sometimes, in this world

We try to walk ahead,

But it's a little too bright, isn't it?

It's like we're sinking

Down to a dark abyss.

When we feel like giving up,

The dry land sucks up our tears

And contradicts us.


Why do we feel so alone all the time?

We don't have to take it all, you know

But we purposely hurt ourselves;

We let our conscience take control

And lose sense of what we really want.

When we need to learn how to find our own voice

Fix those pale, broken wings sweetie.

You have to fly free.


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