The Summer Of 2012

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The summer where I felt free. I wish I could go back instead of this hellhole again but all I have is memories to remind myself of how it feels to be happy.

Submitted: February 02, 2013

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Submitted: February 02, 2013



The Summer Of 2012.

The summer of 2012.

When my problems left altogether.

The summer when things felt right to me.

When I thought it would last forever.


The summer I got to see him again.

When my friends found their soulmates.

When he finally got caught and divorced.

When I finally believed in fate.


The summer I had fallen apart.

The summer she had died.

The summer I couldn't do anything

When I saw him cry.


But it was the summer I came back to life.

Where I could finally see

And I didn't have to fake a smile.

The summer I was me.


The summer I dropped the razor

And my scars began to heal.

The summer my mind was finally at ease

And I didn't rely on steel.


The summer he decided to finally confess

To the boy that was his dream.

And the feelings turned out to be mutual;

What a couple they turned out to be.


The summer I finally had peaceful dreams

When I could sleep without the tears.

The summer I was able to wake up

Without any hate or fear.


The summer my parents were tolerable

And I actually stayed at home,

Instead of retreating to my friends' house

Just so I could be alone.


The summer I found good music

Instead of the auto-tune trash.

The summer I started to write my own

With my acoustic guitar in hand.


But the summer that made me wild at heart

Soon came to an end.

And with that the problems arised again

And again, I had to pretend.


The summer I wish I could go back to,

With all the love and hope,

Faded away like the sunset;

Something I couldn't cope.


So I'm lying on my bedroom floor

With memories of the season

When I finally had my big break

From my world of death and treason.



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