The Mechanics Of Thought

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Hello. Welcome to the first day of the rest of your life. If you took the initiative to read the following texts then you have reached a point in your life where you want to know more. The day to day life is no longer enough for you. You miss something, but you don´t quite know what it is. You are not happy, not the way you wish to be. Something feels wrong, out of place, your life seems to be going backwards, you feel that you don´t fit in this world. Perhaps you feel that you stopped living, you merely exist. You feel trapped in a monotonous routine. You are not the first person to feel this way and you won´t be the last. There is nothing wrong with you, but your mind is communicating with you, and you should listen to what it has to say. The one thing you have to be prepared to do is to believe that you can change and to know that you want to change. And the only way for you to do that is to switch off the “emotion” that guides you and activate the concept of “Reason”. Emotion is not a guide to reality, a form of knowledge or perception. You must be guided by reason.

A true enlightened person sees emotion as the consequence of reason and not the leader of reason. Emotion = Irrationality, Reason = Rationality. This is imperative and fundamental to understand in order to break free from the constrictions of reality.

Submitted: May 03, 2013

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Submitted: May 03, 2013



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Time is the most important thing we have. It is the only thing we are allowed to control. Time is precious because it is the only means within our reach that does not involve a third party to decide its outcome. Contradicting other premises such as “we have all the time in the world”, time is short and slips through our fingers as if you were snapping them. The first thing we have to become aware of is that the time we have left is within our grasp and under our control. And this is the important aspect; time and control have to go together hand in hand. “my time” “my control”. We control our time, not anyone else, not now, not ever. With this idea – or concept – in your head, you must now hold it and keep it with you at all times. Become aware of time and of how precious and limited it is. First, contemplate on how many years you think you have left, are you very young, middle aged, older, do you think you might still have 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 years ahead of you? It sounds like a lot but bear in mind that you are not in control of how much time you have left, only of what you do with when you are alive.

This has been presented to you, and you kindly discard it by saying you´re too young to worry about it and you have plenty of time to get to that, or you´re too old to go into it now seeing that all your opportunities have past. If you are part of the latter, then it might be too late to do something seeing that your health and stamina are depleted and will represent a minus in your ability to achieve something that you could easily do it when you were in your thirties. By this age impairment it is noticeable that there are some things you can do at a younger age that you can´t do when you´ve reached an advanced age. And this should be seen as a warning, the saying is true; “Don´t leave for tomorrow what you can do today”. Finishing stages in your life will allow you to clear a path for new adventures thus giving you time to do so. Don´t stay in the same subject for too long, resolve your matters as quickly as possible, this doesn’t by any chance mean that you should solve problems in a haste or speedily. A situation might take weeks to be resolved, even months, even years, but if you can resolve it in one year instead of two, that´s a won battle.

None of this is productive if you don´t apply it - I like to call it: experiment - take the concept and go out and play for a while. But be prepared, it´s a difficult world out there and people do not take kindly to difference, as long as we are the same we are integrated, but if you want to be yourself, you mustn’t be afraid of being who you are. First take notice in how much you waste your time, and how much time is taken away from you. You may have sometimes realized that you wasted your time, your whole day doing something that you could´ve avoided. Take notion that throughout your life you will be wasting time doing something that is bad for you, doing nothing, or simply doing something that is not the purpose of what you should be doing to begin with. The first mistake, doing something that is bad for you, this can be one of many things and many things altogether. Every time you do something that makes you unhappy, you are hurting yourself. At this early stage of contemplation you will most likely work better with examples, and hopefully these examples will help you in interpreting what is not productive to waste your time in.

Every time you go against yourself you make yourself unhappy. Doing something that is bad for you (according to time) is wasting time in things that you are not happy with. People ask you to go out and you go despite of not wanting to, this happens a lot in “friendships”. A friend of yours invites you to go out somewhere, maybe you´re tired, maybe you don´t like the place, but you go anyway, you go and you feel miserable, so you travel to meet him miserably, you hang out with him miserably, and then you come back home miserably. Maybe you even didn´t have that much money to spend, or maybe you are starting the next day work early, and it´s after 2 am. The point is that you spent the last four or five hours doing something against your will and it should never be like that. The outcome was that everyone was happy… except you. Doing nothing is also a serious time waster. All our actions have a purpose, but it is better to instruct yourself than to waste time droning like a machine. For example, sleeping, this is a worshiped activity; people are so tired that they just to sleep, they actually make plans to do it; right here you can see the priorities are all wrong.

Sleep is your body resting, if you can´t sleep, it means your body is restless. But sleep should by any means be taken more seriously than eating or defecating. These are natural body functions; they are processes that your body needs to go through in order to maintain optimum efficiency. There are lots of ways to spend dead time. Everyone has that period when they have 15 minutes to kill, it takes an eternity for most, but it is hardly enough for a few. What do you do when you are waiting for a bus? Or when you are at home waiting for the plumber to come? What do you do in the public transport during a half an hour to one hour trip? Some people sleep on their way to work, and on their way back from work. Understandable that sometimes the body is tired but most of the time it is because they simply have nothing better to do. Are you still aware that time is precious? Well, if you sleep at home, on your way to work, and back from it, then you are wasting time, severely.

Listen to different songs, read a book, watch a movie, contemplate about time, about life, keep your mind working, go to the internet and learn. It is not productive just to stand there and look at the wall, try to do something instructive, something to better develop yourself. Doing something that is not the purpose of what you should be doing, unfortunately, is tied with “doing something that is bad for you” in the top to do list of most people. This last careless mistake is a clever one because you are doing something that you feel good with but that does not contribute to your intellectual development. Now in this stage of your life you are unaware and very confused with what is good and bad for you, that´s why it´s so tricky. You spend time listening to the same song over and over again; maybe you even replay the same playlist for days when you could listen to new tracks.

The same with movies, why watch the same old movies when there is nothing else at your fingertips to watch? Nostalgia is not wrong. The same song or movies, or even books can be re-visited times and times over, but these are things that should mean something to you, you connect with them; Don´t watch them again just because you are too lazy to look for something else. This is time wasted at its best, re-listening, re-reading, re-watching things you have already seen just because you are lazy to find something else. Spending unwilling time with other people just so they can be happy and you miserable, sleeping like you are under a spell.

The matter of the principle is that your time is YOUR time. This means that every time you are interacting directly with someone you are giving them your time. So you take control of it. But make them know that you are in control, if they are your friends, they will understand and respect you. Just tell them that you are not going out because you don´t want to. Tell them you don´t want to see them because you prefer to be alone that day. Be honest with yourself and then pass it on to them. Only a terrible person wouldn´t respect his friend´s wishes. Put yourself in front of everyone else, your interests ahead of theirs, give your time to them freely, of your own choice and want. It is a daily battle, but it is the first step to freedom.

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