My Favourite Initials!

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Submitted: May 07, 2011

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Submitted: May 07, 2011



My Favourite Initials!



At the grocery store, I reach for a cart then I see

a piece of paper, I wonder what it could be

A poem, My Favourite Initials by Dana Rose

I’m curious, words in green colour she has chose

I notice blue initials, "J. B." Oh, what I like is true!

It’s Java Brewing, here’s a cup for me and you

I have two cuddly pets, my cat, Jingles and dog, Bingo

My Jewellery Box is lovely, precious things in a row

Well, J. B. is neighbour Janet’s Brownies, great treat

Fun with my friends, Julie and Blaine make it complete

Yes, J. B. is January Blizzard and that’s no school, hooray!

So content with Juicy Burgers, Jelly Bagels, awesome day

These J. B. are all nice but one name should be in the sky

Justin Bieber, his sweet voice, a heartfelt wonderful sigh!!

That Should be me, Justin Bieber

I leave this at their Lost and Found, Dana is a talented one

Today, grocery shopping isn’t so boring, simply good fun?


There's so much joy in our hearts because of one very talented, loving person who has lit up Canada, U S A

and yes, the whole world!! His voice is amazing, his warm sweet nature, Justin Joyous Thrill, so grateful for!!

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