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umm...its kindda connected to some of my poems which i havent yet published here...wil publish them sooooon:)...hope you like this one =]

Submitted: July 07, 2008

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Submitted: July 07, 2008



I go from day to day
Pretending that everything's alright

When it's really not

Though i carry the unexplained within me

With the broken heart

Which still surprisingly stands

Ready to be built much stronger

Though it would take time

Allowing the pieces to be put back slowly

And so it wont be the same as before

The locked doors you unlocked once

Are closed and locked once again

In a way those can never be opened

Unless someone like you comes

And unlock them...

Repaint the walls with colorful colors

And enlighten with new and bright lights

Making it to a whole new world once again

Save me from the deadly creatures,

Pull me out yet again from the darkness

Relieve me from the cold nights,

And the only companion of mine, silence

Hold me close when I'm in pain

And take me to the whole new world...
Built just by him...for me...

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